Dark Spots Appearing on Your Hands Suddenly: Possible Causes and Best Treatments

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"Brown spots” aren't always brown - they can also be gray or black. Medically, they are known as either senile lentigo, sun spots, lentigines, age spots, or liver spots. They mostly appear on the hands, face, upper arms, shoulders or lower forearms - areas which are the most exposed to the sun. A brown spot is a hyperpigmentation issue which happens when the skin coloring pigment known as melanin is either over- or under-produced. Below are the main causes of dark spots appearing on your hands suddenly.

Major Causes of Dark Spots on Your Skin

Any change on your skin that you do not understand warrants a doctor's attention. This is because any change in the skin is caused by an underlying issue within your body. But brown spots aren't really a cause for alarm. Here are some of the reasons you may develop them.

1. Exposure to sun

Exposure of your skin to too much sun can be blamed for causing these brown spots. This brown flat spots on your skin generally aren't harmful, but just an interference of melanin levels which can disappear with time. If you notice some change in their size, color or they start causing the skin to raise, you'd better see a doctor. There is a possibility they are cancerous.

2. Exposure to UV rays

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) or radiations also causes brown spots. If you have ever gotten laser treatment or light therapy when you had skin issues in the past, your probability of getting brown spots is high. Additionally, extensive use of tanning beds can cause brown spots on your hands overnight.

3. Lack of Vitamin B12

Lack of enough vitamin B12 is believed to cause discoloration and some lesions on the skin. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes cutaneous manifestation with hyperpigmentation as the visible result. Remember, excess hyperpigmentation causes dark spots on the skin.

4. Poor liver function

The liver is tasked with nutrient absorption and getting rid of toxins and unwanted chemicals containing free radicals. If your blood is not freed of toxins and dangerous radicals because of liver problems, you can experience brown spots on fingertips as an outward manifestation of the underlying condition.

Best Treatment Methods of Brown Spots

On a lighter note, brown spots are more visible as one gets older. Maybe they are old age's welcoming gesture! The exposure to sunlight and the accumulation of its effect on your skin over the young days is mostly blamed for causing brown spots. Below are treatment options you can think of to get rid of brown spots, but always check with your doctor for advice.

1. Home remedies

In case you fear the many side effects that might come with OTC drugs, you can try these home remedies.

  • Lemons

Lemon contains citric acid which works best in getting rid of dead skin cells that cause brown or dark spots. All you need to do is cut the lemon into two and rub one slice on the spotty part. In case your skin is very sensitive, dilute the lemon juice with rosewater. Note, after application of lemon, do not expose the very spotty part to sun rays to avoid skin irritation.

  • Potato and onion paste

Potatoes and onion have antiseptic properties or bleaching agents. They are effective at removing brown spots on hands and other parts. If lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are too harsh on your skin, consider onion paste or potatoes. Cut the potatoes or onions into two pieces and apply the fluid or the onion paste on your brown spots. Leave it on the spotty part for 15 minutes and rinse that part with enough water. Repeat this three times a day until results are seen (generally probably four months).

  • Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a great remedy for many skin ailments due to its skin healing properties. You can apply its juice or the leaves' gel. If you get a leaf, the better. Just cut it open, apply Aloe Vera gel on the brown spots and leave it there for 30 minutes before rinsing. Repeat that procedure twice every day until results are seen.

  • Castor oil

Castor oil has the ability to heal your skin from some conditions including aging or brown spots. Just drop two to three drops of castor oil on the brown spot and massage it until fully absorbed twice a day, for four weeks.

2. Professional treatment

  • Creams

It might be hard for cream medication to get rid of the brown spots fully but if topically used according to the doctor's prescription, they can lighten the spot color. They help exfoliate, lighten, or reduce the spot inflammation.

  • The prescription

If prescribed medication by a doctor, follow the instructions fully. The OTC medications may not make the brown spot fully invisible but can lighten the color.

  • The laser

Pico Way is a laser technology that uses ultra-short pulse which is better and safer than electromagnetic radiations. It works by disintegrating the melanin particles after which the particles are eliminated naturally by the body leaving you with no brown spots. Please note that there are side effects like moderate skin irritation similar to the one felt after a sunburn.

Bottom line, in case you want to get rid of the spots on your body, by consulting your dermatologist and following the above guidelines, you can get rid of them completely. All you need to do is be passionate about it but not too worried. Those brown spots are not dangerous if they do not change in size shape or color.



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