More Than Once to a Better Life

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The good life starts here.

Everyone who knows me is a romantic and poetic person.

Everyone who knows me is a person who loves life.

Here, you can find the joy of life.

Here, you can enjoy a different bloom of life.

The best handicraft is not just art, the most beautiful flowers are not just charming, in SerenataFlower, you can feel the highest level of artistic enjoyment.

Serenata Flowers

Flash Sale!

33% off the Perfect Pinks bouquet.



Brand story:

SerenataFlower is the 9th most visited flower retail domain in the world and the largest independent flower retailer in the UK.

In November 2016, a new brand and domain targeting the French market was launched: This will be the international brand going forward when they explore new markets. The company extremely focuses on Customer Experience (CX) and has a customer satisfaction rate of greater than 90% as measured by independent survey companies Feefo and Trustpilot, from over 300,000 verified customers. All essential technologies running the business have been developed and are maintained by an in-house team. Marketing is project managed in-house and utilizes a number of external agencies. Fulfillment is managed in-house, run on in-house developed software, but staffing & management of the fulfillment operation is outsourced to a third party.



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