What Every Woman Needs to Know About Sleeping with a Married Man

By Michael Adeyanju |
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Sometimes, our hearts start feeling vibes for someone without thinking about the rights or wrongs. Yes indeed, it happens! The desire for his charismatic personality leads us into making decisions against pre-defined social standards and allow ourselves to get hoodwinked into a relationship with a married man. Despite knowing the fact that he has a family, we still chose to become a victim of his charm and ended up sleeping with a married man. In this article, we will learn the issues that accompany sleeping with a married man and how to handle the affair.

Why You Might Fall for A Married Man

Excitement of sex

Having provoking conversations and daydreaming about sensuality creates a height of excitement and the urge for sex. You might have met a charming man at a dinner party or at a casual gathering, and you connected spiritually through engaging conversations. Knowingly or not, you slept with this man who is already married to another woman. However, you might still perceive the affair as absolute pleasure because of the excitement it brings.

No Commitment Required

You are enjoying life and moonlighting secretly without any long-term commitments. There are no future expectations and both parties are mentally prepared that the entire situation is simply for entertainment and pleasure, which is nothing like a traditional relationship. You are not obliged to take care of his health or make breakfast for him early in the morning. Basically, you are free from any responsibilities or liabilities but can still feel connected to him.

No pressure

You are fulfilling your desires without any economic and psychological pressure present in a traditional relationship. Married men usually live a routine life, and they are more mature in handling their relationships. Also, they are more financially stable, so they are always willing to spend money on women just to keep them by their side. A woman can enjoy the affair and the company from a mature man without feeling pressured to take care of this relationship.

Why Falling for A Married Man is Not A Good Idea

Cannot be supported

He will not be available to support you in times of grief and cases of utmost urgency. You are not part of his duties like his wife, and he will not lend a hand in paying your bills or assist in any monetary matter.

Getting caught

The fear of getting caught will always be on your mind. He can't place the relationship with his wife in jeopardy and on the other hand, your own friends and family will call you "the other woman". They will also consider the relationship as illegitimate and label you as a home-breaker. The reactions of the wife might even be worse. These thoughts will haunt you every time when you try to hide your relationship from everyone else.

He may return to real life

Having sex with a married man doesn't guarantee that he will marry you in the end. Usually, the married man is just using the affair as a means of escape, hookup, and sympathy. They don't mind giving you expensive gifts to keep your relationship stable, but they never set you as a high priority in their life.

How to Handle Having an Affair with a Married Man?

There are different ways to handle an affair with a married man. For instance:

Choose to maintain this relationship

It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to maintain this relationship or not. But we did warn you about why it is not a good idea.

Have your own life outside of him

Stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. Make sure you have a different life outside of that with him. Whatever love stories he might tell you doesn't matter because your relationship will not end well regardless. You can be excited about your affair at the moment but you should keep some space to yourself, so when you break up in the end you will not feel too heartbroken.

Make a definitive time limit for your affair

You should set a time limit to the affair. Always keep it clear that it is an extramarital affair and a secret relationship. You never know the day when you might get caught and receive a call from him saying that you will never meet again. Usually, what comes as part of the conversation is him saying his wife knows about the affair and he can't leave her. It is best to end the relationship before you get to this point.

Choose to end the relationship

If you don't wish to keep the relationship any longer, you may have the following choices:

Take it as a temporary adventure

If you find it hard to leave him, ask yourself these important questions: does he cancel his meetings for you? Or does he sacrifice his plan for your sake? If the answer is no, then he is not the one for you. Women are usually trapped by the sugar-coated words of men and are willing to trust whatever they say, but ended up with a broken heart. Be yourself and enjoy your life outside of your affair because you deserve so much better.

Break up directly and clearly

Make sure there is no ambiguity when ending an affair with a married man. Don't break up through text messages or through emails. Give yourselves a chance to openly communicate your thoughts clearly.

Prevent all opportunities to go back again

When you decide to break up, make sure you burn all boats and bridges to prevent you from going back to the married man. Sleeping with the married man was already a mistake in its entirety, and a mistake that should not happen again in the future. Stay calm and be thankful the affair has ended.


Cheating never ends in peace and harmony. It is only a waste of time; you will be wasting all your time and effort for someone who is already committed to another woman. Having sex with a married man is comparable to looking for a needle in a haystack - you will end up with nothing and get emotionally drained.

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