Best Tips on How to Get Skinny Arms Easily

By Amanda Lawrence |
|5 min read

Gearing up to look sizzling this summer? Just want sexy celebrity arms that raise envy on the streets? There is always a way if you are determined enough!

Essentially, every girl wants to know how to get skinny arms. But, first things first: forget targeted weight loss, at least initially. You need to focus on getting your whole body in shape to have great arms. This means following a proper diet and investing your time in appropriate cardio and strength-training workouts to define your triceps area.

Comprehensive Cardio Routine

A comprehensive workout routine is essential for the best results. Our bodies are well-oiled machines and evolution has programmed all parts of our bodies to work collaboratively. Stay motivated and start off with the following routines to fast track your way to define your triceps and tone your arms.

1. Own your cardio routine to burn calories fast

The American Heart Association recommends a cardio routine of 40 minutes per day. Cardio gets your heart rate up and helps you burn calories fast. Something as simple as walking can help you burn 300-400 calories per hour while more intense workouts like running stairs or working out with kettlebells can help you lose up to 1000 calories per hour!

2. Combo moves to know how to get skinny arms fast

Chances are you'll quit soon if your routine lacks variety. Try combo exercises with or without weights to spice up your workout. Combo exercises bind two or more exercises (for example, lunge to curl or split squat to deadlift) into a single routine without rest. You basically flow from one position to another and burn more calories than a traditional cardio routine.

3. Try strength training

Weight gain can often be attributed to a low rate of metabolism. But here's the good part: strength training or resistance training can help you build lean muscle tissues which in turn can increase your metabolic rate. Lean muscle tissues help to increase your metabolic rate because muscles are active tissues. Maintaining muscle tone involves an active expenditure of caloric energy.

Now Move on to Targeted Workouts

Once you've got the ball rolling with cardio, it's time to learn how to get skinnier arms with targeted workouts. Try these awesome workouts that will make you feel more in control of your body every day and help to tone your arms.

1. Triangle push-ups

Triangle push-ups are great for getting rid of those bat wings that get you all worried and self-conscious. Triangle push-ups are not difficult to execute if you have the required upper body strength. These exercises go a long way to tone your arms in the long run.

As a beginner, you can start by getting into a flanking position on your knees. But if you're confident, get into a full plank position and place your hands on the mat directly below your chest with your thumb and index fingers touching to form a triangle. Engage your abs and make sure your back is flat for the best results.

2. Arm slide

Arm fat is subcutaneous, which means that it's just under the layer of your skin providing cushioning to your bones and muscles while helping to regulate your body temperature. This makes it harder to lose as your body sees it as a protective layer.

Arm slides are great for building overall strength and stability as well as losing arm fat. Kneel with your hands on sliders, towels, or papers plates and engage your core for the best results.

3. Triceps kickbacks

Triceps kickbacks are great because they engage as well as strengthen your back and shoulder muscles along with your triceps. You can start with a dumbbell in one hand and then lean forward at the waist with a slight bend to your knee. Once you're in position, use your triceps to lift the weights until your arm is fully extended.

4. Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are great for working up a sweat and toning your arms. Get into position and try a combination of short and long waves with varying intensities to give your arms a good work out.

Opt a High Fiber and High Protein Diet

Have you been looking for the right diet to know how to slim arms? The idea that grapefruit helps with weight loss has been around since the 1970s. It's a view that has recently been scientifically proven by Vanderbilt University. The scholars who conducted this two-year study said that grapefruits are high in fiber and water content and low in concentrated sugars. That makes the fruits the perfect nutrient dense food to include in your diet.

Your intense workout efforts can go in vain if you don't eat well and drink lots of water. Water keeps you hydrated and active as you burn those calories. A balanced diet of high fiber and high protein foods can help you get toned and slim arms faster. Organize your portions in the following way: 1 palm-sized portion of protein and 1 fist-sized portion of veggies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner gives you a balanced combo.

Nobody Got Those Toned Arms by Giving Up

Our modern lives do not allow us to put our arms to intense use, which leads to the accumulation of fat in this area over time, especially in women.

Getting rid of those bat wings may seem impossible at times, but starting off with a comprehensive cardio routine, moving on to targeted exercises, and following a balanced high-fiber-high-protein diet can help.

Do you have a cardio routine or are you more into targeted workouts? Let us know in the comments.



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