Best Tricks on Make Yourself Faint

By Elaine Belcher |
|3 min read

Want to be a little mischievous and scare your friends for fun? Well, brace yourself for some playful tips on how to make yourself pass out. Don't take things too far and use these methods carefully to avoid trouble like vomiting, nausea, or even choking to death.

Some Fail-Proof and Safe Methods to Lose Consciousness

If you really want to faint and stay safe at the same time, here are some methods for you.

1. Head-rush by standing quickly

For a beginner, this could be the first lesson on losing consciousness. All you have to do is bend and crouch while keeping your head low. Sit like this for a while and then try to stand up. Doing so rushes the blood to the brain and spins the head sharply helping you faint.

2. Practice hyperventilation

An easy-breezy method to lose consciousness within a minute is to breathe heavy and fast. A high-paced breathing increases the blood pressure and blood flow to the brain. Do this while sitting for at least half a minute. For a greater effect, continue it for a few minutes and then stand up suddenly. Remember, the longer you sit, the greater the dizziness.

3. Stop breathing for a while

Well, as obvious as it sounds, blocking the oxygen supply to the brain is a definite way to lose consciousness. Our brain can't work in the absence of air and this can make the trick work and help you faint.

4. Stand upside down

Those who have a flexible and sturdy body can try this idea on how to make yourself faint. Stand on your head. The blood would gush to the brain. And when you stand back up, it will create a dizzy feeling.

5. Fasting and dehydrating

Cleary, it's a little too much to ask for but works well. Stop eating hours before doing the prank. Also, keep the drinking water at bay. Low blood sugar levels make the head buzz and contribute to falling unconscious.

6. Inhaling the smoke

You can do this although be informed of its health impacts. Breathing in some intense smoke, like cigarettes, increases the carbon dioxide and reduces oxygen in the blood, giving you the desired effect.

7. Pausing the BP drugs

It's a risky and dangerous thing to do but qualifies as another fine trick. If you're on blood pressure pills, skipping a dose or two disturbs the normal functioning of the body. On a rare occasion, the trick can be played.

Things to Remember While Pretending to Faint

With some additional tips in mind, make the prank safe and harmless without ruining the mood.

  • Have a friend around

Let a friend join you in the prank. This will stop others from panicking. Apart from that, he/she can also keep an eye on you and make sure that you're safe.

  • Pick a safe place

Falling on the ground can hurt. So, choose the stage wisely. To avoid any bruises, bend the knees first and then fall. This would save your head from banging directly to the ground. Don't let the body stay stiff. Leave it loose for a startling effect and save yourself from hitting the floor hard.

  • Keep up with the act

Stretch the fun time by keeping up with the act. For instance, don't reveal the secret too quickly. Keep the audience in the loop for a while. Fainting in a public place makes it more adventurous and memorable for everyone. While lying on the floor, stay like that for a few minutes and let people wonder for some time.

  • Get up slowly

For some, rather than actually doing it, pretending to lose consciousness can be a much better idea. And after you've impressed your friends with your amazing acting skills, don't break the spell yet. Try to get up slowly for a more realistic effect.

  • Things to avoid

Avoid playing the prank while driving. Also, don't put your head in a plastic bag or airtight container. Remember, your safety is the most important thing.

A Quick Recap

With tricks like standing fast and breathing heavily, one can easily lose consciousness as a prank. However, enacting the whole thing with a friend by your side is a good idea. Whatever your method is, always keep your safety as the top priority otherwise things can get out of hands.



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