Best Time in the Year to Buy a TV

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Some people go straight into stores and pick up any TV, and eventually lose out on better deals. If you are financially conscious, you need to take note of some important details when trying to purchase an electronic device. The truth is, there are times in the year when you get better deals than other times. Let's be your financial advisers, shall we?

When Is the Best Time to Buy a TV?

Getting the best deal in a TV needs a strategy, and you don't need to guess hard to realize when those discounts storm in. The quick tip is "when does a TV matter most?".

1. First Week of January

What makes January the best time to buy a TV? It is a fresh start, and a new year means new models. Manufacturers swoop in during this time with new models, and retailers don't like old models competing with the new ones. So, they try to clear stock within January to make room for newer models. You would not get a new model at a cheap price, but that old model you have your eye on can be cheaper than you expected. You might be able to get a deal as good as 30% off.

2. Two Weeks To The Super Bowl

Yes, you guessed right. How else can most people watch the Super Bowl if they don't have a TV? Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is sometime in January or February, so retailers start offering discounts two weeks before the games begin.

3. Late March and Early April

Besides January, manufacturers also release new models during this time. During this period, you can grab old models for cheaper prices, because retailers are pressured to sell out the old models just like in January. . So if you are wondering when is the best time to buy a TV, you need to take advantage of the opportunity! You can get a new TV at a discount of around 35%, which is relatively better than in January.

4. Labor Day Weekend

Retailers are very smart people - they know when people shop and what deals to give in order to maximize their profit. Labor day weekend is one of the best times to shop. Although the deals during this period are not as good as other times, you can still buy TVs at relatively cheap prices.
Don't forget to shop around during this period and figure out the best deal. Different stores will offer different kinds of special deals. Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

5. Amazon Prime Day

This is no doubt one of the best times to buy TVs. It is just like black Friday but only Amazon products. There are so many different products to choose from, and they are guaranteed to be the best price.

However, Amazon Prime day is for Amazon Prime members only. Amazon Prime day happens every year in mid-July. Make sure to do your homework and check out the TV deals available before the big day.

6. August

There is no guessing as to why August comes with good deals: it is the back-to-school season! Besides school supplies. retailers also offer the best deals in electronic devices Don't miss this amazing time to grab your new favorite TV!

7. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Everyone has that November date marked on their calendar: Black Friday. This is the best time to get your TV, as the discount sometimes goes up to 50%.

Another tip you should know is that some retailers offer better deals the week before Black Friday. This may be your chance to get an even better deal. Be on the lookout.


Getting great deals takes a lot of homework and strategy. It takes patience to get exactly what you want, and knowing the best time to buy a TV will help you save lots of money. With the above tips, go get your TV at the best price possible!



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