Perfect Your French Kissing Techniques

By Michael Adeyanju |
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We've all dreamt about it: an amazing, movie-worthy French kiss that gives you butterflies in your stomach. Who hasn't imagined French kissing their crush or their significant other? As cheesy as it may sound, kissing is very romantic and enjoyable.

But at the same time, it can also be very daunting. If you've ever worried about being a bad kisser, don't worry - you're not alone. No one is born with the ability to French kiss. Kissing is an art. You need time and experience to perfect your technique. To help you, we've compiled some of the best tips on how to French kiss.

How to French Kiss

Nobody wants a messy and sloppy kiss. On the contrary, we all want a passionate and incredible kiss. If you're unsure of how to initiate a French kiss, here are some easy steps you can follow.


Don't immediately start thrusting your tongue into your partner's mouth! Instead, take it slow and easy. Get yourself and your partner ready for the action first.

Soften your lips

Nobody wants to kiss dry and chapped lips. To keep your lips kissable at all times, make sure to moisturize them using lip balm regularly. Also, don't forget to drink enough water so your lips stay soft and moist.

Freshen your breath

Having bad breath during kissing can be a huge turn-off. In a French kiss, it's especially important since you'll be exploring each other's mouths. So, avoid eating foods with strong odors, such as garlic and onions, before a French kiss. Also, keep mints or gum handy a quick bad breath remedy.

Find the right moment

Choose your moment carefully; you don't want to ruin the kiss, do you? First, make sure you have privacy so you and your partner won't get distracted. Next, drop some hints, such as looking into their eyes passionately and glancing at their lips. Don't forget to pay attention to their body language, as well. Lastly, if you're still unsure, it wouldn't hurt to ask for their consent for a kiss.

French Kiss Session

Great! Now that you've built up the passion between you and your partner, you can start kissing. Follow these steps to make the moment perfectly intimate and steamy.

Maintain eye contact

Gaze into their eyes to signal that you want to kiss them. Slowly slide your body closer to theirs, as well. Don't forget to give a small, genuine smile to make your partner feel relaxed.

Lean in for a gentle kiss

Tilt your head to one side and softly kiss them. Don't immediately use your tongue. Judge their reaction first, if they're into it, then you can deepen the kiss. If they seem uncomfortable, it's better to take a break.

Build up the kiss

Start playing around with your partner's lips. Gently squeeze their upper or lower lip between your lips for a few seconds. Alternate between the upper and lower lip for a few seconds to build up the passion.

Use your tongue

Now, let's move to the main event. Start by licking your partner's lips gently. You can also squeeze your tongue into their lips. If they seem to like it, you can play more with your tongue.

Explore their mouth

Try to extend your tongue a bit more, and if your partner opens their mouth, it's an invitation to start exploring their mouth with your tongue. Massage your partner's tongue with your own and explore the inside of their mouth. Keep your movements gentle to prevent the kiss from being messy.

Try out different techniques

If you're both enjoying the moment, you may want to consider playing around with new techniques. For example, you can swirl your tongue around for a seductive sensation or gently nibble on your partner's tongue or lower lip. Other techniques you can try include:

  • Murmur: you can do this by letting out soft "Mmm…" when kissing to create pleasurable vibrations.
  • Gentle tickle: do this by lightly, but quickly tickling your partner's tongue with your own.
  • Embracing: engage your whole body when kissing. Use your hands to gently embrace your partner's face, neck, and even body for a more exciting kissing session.
  • Wandering: every once in a while, leave your partner's lips and trail soft kisses down their jawline and neck to make your partner feel adored.

Dos and Don'ts of French Kissing

Now that you understand how to kiss your partner passionately, read these dos and don'ts to perfect your technique. Follow these steps and make each kiss magical.

Don't be rude

Don't French kiss your partner out of the blue, especially if it's going to be your first kiss together. That's absolutely rude and unsexy, and you might make your partner feel offended.

Do watch your partner's reaction

Always pay attention to your partner's reactions and act accordingly. If he or she seems uncomfortable, slow things down or stop the kiss. If he or she seems into it, you may kiss your partner deeper.

Don't slobber

Never ever slobber when French kissing. While the tongue tango can get a bit messy at times, be careful not to get your partner's entire face wet. If you feel like there's too much saliva building up, close your mouth briefly, then continue the kiss afterward.

Do keep your tongue engaged

Keep your tongue moving around when your French kiss your partner. Don't keep it in the same place for too long. Also, don't be afraid to mix it up. Gently explore your partner's mouth and maybe you can also nibble and suck certain spots.

Don't forget to breathe

A good kiss can surely take your breath away. But, you still shouldn't forget to breathe from time to time. Take regular breaks to catch your breath, and while doing so, don't forget to look into your partner's eyes, smile, and savor the moment together.

Do have fun

Remember, kissing isn't a test or a job interview! Don't get too stressed about it. Just have fun with your partner and don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's also okay to laugh sometimes if you make mistakes.

Do know when to end the kiss

If it's your first time French kissing your partner, it's advised to keep things brief. Keep your partner wanting more and save the kiss for the next time you meet.

Takeaway Message

So, do you understand how to French kiss your partner properly? If the first few times feel awkward, don't worry. Remember, kissing should be a fun and romantic activity for you to do with your partner. Don't take it too seriously. And, don't be scared to make mistakes and laugh about it. Have fun!



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