8 Best Tricks for How to Make Yourself Sneeze

By Arabella Carroll |
|5 min read

Sneezing is a basic reflex of the body which is mainly concerned with defense against the entry of pathogens or any harmful particles into the respiratory passageways. It may seem to be simple action on the outside, but it involves complex nervous connections and the muscles of the abdomen, chest, and face to make you sneeze with an intensity good enough to propel the particles out of the body. We often encounter a feeling of not being able to sneeze when we want to - which can be a very annoying feeling! So, here are a few ways you can trigger your body to automatically sneeze.

Try the 8 Easy Tips to Make Yourself Sneeze Instantly

Let us explore a few body mechanisms that can make you instantly sneeze…

1. How to trigger the nerves of your NOSE?

The simplest way to make yourself sneeze is to trigger your nose nerves, try the following tips.

  • Tickle your nose with a tissue

A very popular trick for how to make yourself sneeze is to tickle your nose with a delicate object like a tissue paper or a feather. It gives a message to the nerves in the nostrils that there is a foreign particle inside the nasal passages. In response to this stimulus, a sneeze is generated. It is a very effective technique used most commonly to generate a sneeze.

  • Carefully smell spices

Another effective method is to smell fragrant spices. Spices are regarded as irritant substances which can trigger nasal nerves. However, remember to keep a safe distance while sniffing spices because the results can be hazardous if they gain entry into your lower respiratory tract. Do not sniff spices with force; just a little whiff is enough to get a few particles into the nostrils and thus trigger a sneeze.

  • Rub the bridge of your nose

If the first two methods do not seem to trigger a sneeze, try rubbing the bridge of your nose. The nerve supply of the bridge is the same one as the nostrils, so the response generated should be a sneeze.

  • Perfume and/or cold air exposure

Sniffing a strong perfume and/or inhaling cold air is also known to cause sneezing. The mechanism behind it is the same one responsible for causing a sneeze from smelling spices.

2. How to sneeze by triggering the EYES?

Our eyes and nose have a strong nervous connection with each other. If triggering the nose has not been effective and you are still racking your brain with the question, ”How to make myself sneeze?”, try using your eyes.

  • Look at bright lights

The sun is the best bright light to look towards, but be careful not to stare directly at the sun as that can damage your eyes. Looking at a clear bright sky can also help trigger a sneeze within seconds due to the photic-sneeze reflex generated in the body. This is a genetically inherited reflex, so if looking at the sun makes your parents sneeze, the chances are that you may find this method works for you as well.

  • Pluck your eyebrows

This will stimulate the trigeminal nerve responsible for sensations on the face, including the nose. This trick, however, has a good deal of individual variation as it may make some people sneeze hard while having absolutely no effect on someone else. Try giving it a shot! It just might work for you!

3. Generate a sneeze with your MOUTH!

How to make yourself sneeze by using your mouth is something you may not have thought about, because using the nerve supply of your mouth does not involve exposure to noxious stimuli or irritants like spices, bright light, or strong perfume. Using your nose is actually one of the safest ways to make yourself sneeze, and it gets even more exciting when we tell you that you get to do it with chocolate or your favourite soda! The mouth and nose are connected via a common passage at the back of the throat, so consuming certain foods can indeed trigger a sneeze via this passageway connection.

  • The chocolate or soda method

Consuming dark chocolate or drinking a bubbly soda gives the impression of a foreign object entering the nasal passageway which can alarm the nerves enough to make you sneeze.

  • Try rubbing your tongue

If you are avoiding chocolate or sodas, there is another simple technique you can try … simply rub your tongue lightly on the roof of your mouth (also known as the palate). The palate and the nose share the same nerve supply, causing the sneeze to be triggered.

While we get the urge to sneeze mostly during illnesses like a common cold or an allergy attack, if you feel like sneezing all the time, irrespective of the season or weather conditions, it is recommended that you consult a doctor. Get yourself thoroughly examined to find out what is causing the chronic urge to sneeze.

How to Stop Myself from Sneezing?

Are you sneezing too much? Are you caught in a situation where repetitive sneezing is interrupting something important like a meeting with your boss or client? Lucky for you, we have three very effective methods which you can use to control the urge to sneeze.

As stated earlier, a sneeze arises when an irritant enters the nose. So, if you blow your nose, you can remove any unwanted particles that may have gained entry into the nasal passage and thus prevent more sneezing. Inhaling steam that contains a few drops of peppermint oil will also keep your nasal passages clear and healthy. Another way to prevent sneezing is to keep your nose and mouth covered to restrict the entry of allergens, especially when you are out and about. No allergens entering your nose means no allergens triggering sneezing. Make sure the cloth you use to cover your nose and mouth is clean and hypoallergenic.

The Takeaway

Stimulating your nose, eyes, and mouth are some of the natural and safe ways to make yourself sneeze. If you want to avoid sneezing, keep your nasal passages clear and protected from dust and pollutants at all times. To understand more about sneezing, watch the following video:



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