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Most of us suffer from sinus problems and constant nasal blockage and we know how hindering this is, but have you ever considered using a neti pot? Now before you start wondering what we're referring to, a neti pot is a pot or a container which is developed in a manner that allows you to wash away all the mucus from your nasal cavity. However, most people keep asking their doctors as to how often can they use a neti pot. You can use it when you experience nasal blockage or symptoms of a cold, and it is highly beneficial because it allows you to breathe unhindered once again.

How does this neti pot work?

The solution present inside the neti pot is no rocket science. In fact, it is very simple to prepare and you can easily prepare and use it. The solution is saline in nature, and it contains 1 teaspoon of non-iodized salt and a pinch of baking soda which needs to be mixed thoroughly in 2 cups of water. However, there is an alternative available in case you don't have or want to use baking soda. You can also use a premixed packet saline which is readily available for nasal rinse purposes.

Now to answer the question... how does this neti pot work or how can you use it? Well, it's as simple as the solution it is made up of.

  • Bend over a sink, basin or a bowl, and insert the spout of the pot into one nostril.
  • Breathing through your mouth, pour the saline solution into your nostrils and allow it to flush your nasal cavity.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Doing this will remove all the mucus and inflammatory substances from your nasal cavity, providing you with relief.

Can you use your neti pot frequently?

To answer your question, yes, you can definitely use your neti pot frequently. In fact, one of the most inquired questions is- how often can I use a neti pot? According to a statement published by the "American Family Physician” in November 2009, you can use a neti pot as often as every day and sometimes even twice a day when you show symptoms of nasal blockage.

Another analysis of as many as 10 studies has been published in the September-October 2012 issue of "American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy,” stating that using neti pots often on a daily basis is not a bad suggestion, and the aggravated person can definitely go ahead and use it daily.

Another interesting observation made is that a lot of people often find the use of neti pots therapeutic and thus include it in their everyday life, as they believe that this is the safest and best way to not let their nasal cavity get infiltrated. This Ayurvedic medical tradition is highly popular in the United States and has shown a remarkable change in the frequency of nasal congestion.

Thus with the help of all of this evidence, we can successfully answer the question, how often can you use a neti pot by saying that yes, you can use your neti pots frequently.

Will using your neti pot harm you in any way?

Using neti pots is safe and generally does not expose you to dangerous diseases and so the question of how often can you use a neti pot should not distress you further. However, it is always wise to know the side effects of everything pertaining to one's health so that you do not end up falling sick and are always prepared.

Some of the side effects according to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) state that these neti pots may increase your chances of catching an infection too. The pots due to their bulb syringes and squeeze bottles are usually safe but only when they are cleaned and used properly. Using tap water also increases the chances of nasal blockage as water from the taps could contain bacteria, etc which continue to live in your nasal passage causing you a great amount of distress.

Key tips to remember while using your neti pots

Like we mentioned earlier, tap water is one of the biggest reasons why people suffer from nasal blockage. So, avoid using tap water and use distilled or sterilised water instead. These are available at your nearest departmental stores. You can also boil and cool your water and then fill in your neti pots with them.

You need to pay special attention to your neti pots because keeping them clean and hygienic should be on your everyday to-do list if you're planning on using your pots frequently. One of the factors you should look at when answering the question how often can I use a neti pot is whether your neti is clean and germ-free. You should make sure that your neti pot is clean and absolutely dry at all times. Consider referring to the how-to-use manual for your neti pot as the Bible and follow it without any alterations.

Neti pots are yay or nay?

Definitely yay, these pots allow you to keep yourself and your family members free from constant nose blockage, these are extremely handy especially when you have a family member who is very prone to nasal infections. If used in the right manner then these pots allow you to stay healthy and happy!



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