8 Most Effective Pressure Points to Induce Labor

By Arabella Carroll |
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Being overdue for delivery can be very painful for mothers-to-be, and this is when they should try out some natural and ancient methods to relieve the pain of delivery. Using acupressure to induce labor is one of the most popular methods that may help speed up labor and relieve pain when giving birth.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese therapy that was developed over 5000 years ago, and which has been proven a safe and effective means when inducing labor. This ancient therapy helps induce labor by increasing blood flow to the uterus and thus stimulate contractions. There are various pressure points to induce labor available for a pregnant woman during childbirth.

You may wonder about the safety of this method. In what stages of pregnancy is this method is as safe. Pregnancy is considered to be full-time at 40 weeks, and the natural labor pain usually starts after this period. Generally, doctors would suggest this treatment after 40 weeks of pregnancy or when the labor pain has begun. It's important to remember that using acupressure before your body is ready to give birth may cause miscarriage.

Most Effective Pressure Points to Induce Labor

The following are some most effective pressure points you can try when the process of giving birth starts. These pressure points which are mentioned below should only be used with the approval of your doctor.

1. Spleen 6 point

To help you induce labor, the most common and effective pressure point is the spleen 6 point. It is about 4 cm above the ankle bone on the back of your calf. Once you have located the position, apply high pressure with your index finger on the pressure point. Rub in circles for a few seconds and take a 1-minute break, then repeat the process for several minutes. Acupressure experts believe that this point induces labor by stimulating your cervical contraction.

2. Large intestine 4 point

This pressure point can help strengthen contractions and shorten the entire labor process. It is also well-known for relieving many pains in human body. It is located in between the webbing of your thumb and index finger. Using your other hand to gently apply pressure on this point and massage it for one minute, then take a 1-minute break and repeat.

3. Pericardium 8 point

Pericardium 8 point is another common pressure point beneficial for relieving labor pain. This point is located in the middle of your palm, between the second and third metacarpal bones. Once you've found it, apply gentle pressure on the point. Massage this area for a few seconds and repeat for several times.

4. Bladder 32 point

Bladder 32 point is a very effective pressure point to induce labor. It is in is the dimple above the top of your buttock bend. This point is believed to trigger contractions effectively. Apply firm pressure on this point and massage it slowly with your finger, then take a break and repeat.

5. Bladder 67 point

This point is also known as one of the most effective pressure points. It helps to turn breech babies to their correct position. The Bladder 67 Point is located in the little toe at the outside edge along the nail. Use your thumb and index finger to apply firm pressure. Don't pinch so hard that you feel pain in your toe.

6. Liver 3 point

Liver 3 point is very useful in helping mothers-to-be relieve lower back pain during labor. It also helps to relieve anxiety and cramps. This point is situated on on the top of your foot, between the big toe and second toe. Apply gentle pressure with your thumb on this point for several seconds and then repeat the procedure for several times.

7. Kidney 1 point

Kidney 1 point is helpful in relaxing your mind and body effectively during labor. It is in the middle of the upper side on sole of the foot. Apply firm pressure on this point for a few seconds to reduce your anxiety and stress during labor. Then take a break and repeat for several times.

8. Kidney 3 point

Kidney 3 point is also known as The Great Ravine in acupressure therapy. It is very useful to help relieve back pain during labor. This point is located on the inner side of the ankle midway, between the high point of the ankle bone and the achilles tendon. Apply gentle pressure on this point and slightly massage upwards by using your thumbs and repeat for a few minutes.

4 Other Effective Natural Methods to Induce Labor

The above-mentioned are some of the most effective pressure points to induce labor. Apart from this, a pregnant woman can also try out some other ways to induce labor naturally during the last weeks of pregnancy.

  • Start walking

Going for regular walks helps your baby move into the birth canal, which helps fasten your labor progress thus induces labor effectively. Your midwife would suggest you go for a regular walk for around 30 minutes on a flat surface. And remember don't walk too fast or too long, or choose uneven paths which may cause a fall.

  • Have safe sex

Many experts recommend that having sex during the last week is a natural and effective labor induction method. Sex triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can strengthen uterine contractions, and studies have confirmed that semen contains a chemical called prostaglandins, which can ripen the cervix for the delivery process. Don't press on the mother's stomach and choose a comfortable sex position.

  • Stimulate your nipples

Nipple stimulation is an useful method to boost a slow labor. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently rub or roll the nipple for 2 minutes and repeat for several times. This releases oxytocin, a hormone that causes your uterus to contract. You should also stimulate the areola and even the whole breast. Remember don't stimulate the nipples firmly, but opt for a gentle rubbing or rolling.

  • Eat pineapple

Eating pineapple is proven to a useful method to shorten the labor process. Pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain, which helps soften the cervix and stimulate the uterus. Don't overeat, and check with your healthcare provider before you start consuming it.


Acupressure is the an effective method to induce labor naturally without medication. Spleen 6 point, Large intestine 4 point, and others, are some highly recommended pressure points for inducing labor. You should consult an acupressure therapist if you don't know when to employ the treatment or how to properly use acupressure. You can also try 5 other effective natural methods to induce labor. By following some videos, you can learn the best ways on your own.



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