Virgin or Non-Virgin: Is There a Difference?

By Amanda Lawrence |
|5 min read

You may have wondered if there is a way to tell if a woman is still a virgin? Some people think that there are ways that they can tell the differences about a virgin or a non-virgin, but that is not actually true. There is no physical way you can just look at a woman and know for sure if she is a virgin and there is no way that you can tell by the way that she acts if she is one either. Today we are looking at if there actually are any ways at all to tell if a woman is a virgin.

The Differences About a Virgin or a Non-Virgin

Here we want to look at some of the ways that people may think they can tell if a woman has a unbroken vagina or not.

1. Are there physical differences?

You cannot just look at a woman and know if she is a virgin. However, if the woman has a hymen then she is a virgin. It is as simple as that. It is important to note though that the lack of a hymen does not mean that she is not a virgin. A hymen can be broken in many ways other than sex. Sport or using a tampon is the most common reasons as to why a woman who is a virgin would have her hymen broken. You can find virgin pics online where medical professionals have documented the known physical differences.

2. Is there a difference in behavior?

Some people may tell you that you can tell if a woman is a virgin just by the way that she acts. This could not be any further from the truth. While some people might think that they have an idea of the way a virgin acts, there is no actual way to tell if someone is a virgin just by the way they act. There is a school of thought that if a woman is a virgin that she will be a little timid and shy when she is in the bedroom.

3. How is sex different with a virgin?

You may think that if there is blood or pain when you have sex with them that this means they are a virgin. However, pain during sex does not mean she is a virgin. All women are different and the way that she acts in bed does not mean anything in regards to whether she is a virgin or not.

This is actually really hard to answer as you could say that she would be tighter or that she would find it painful if she is a virgin. Yet this could be because she is not properly aroused and ready for sex or it could even be that this is just the way her vagina is.

Interesting Tips to Tell If She Is a Virgin

We have established that there is no scientific way to tell the differences about a virgin or a non-virgin just by looking at her or being with her. However, we thought we would have some fun and share some of the more interesting tips for figuring out if a woman is a virgin or not. Please remember that these tips are purely for fun and some of the more common ways that have been talked about over the years.

  • Is she flirty?

Some people say that if a woman likes to flirt with the opposite sex then this means that she is only looking for one thing and she is only looking for that one thing because she has had it before!

  • You can tell by her walk

As crazy as this sounds there is a school of thought that says that after a woman has had sex she walks a little different because her vaginal opening is now bigger which causes her to walk a little broader. We suggest that you do not go around and start studying the way women walk!

  • She is a great kisser

The only way to become a great kisser is with lots and lots of practice and we all know what hot and heavy make-out sessions lead to! Well actually we do not, but there are some who think that if a woman is a great kisser it is because she has had a lot of practice doing it.

  • Showing a lot of skin

There is a very unfair generalization that if a woman likes to show off her body that she is easy and looking for sex. Of course, this is not the case, but that does not stop people from seeing a woman wearing revealing clothes and thinking that she is easy! What a woman wears may seem like it is an indication that she likes sex, but it is not.

  • Is she nervous?

By this we mean are they nervous when you are intimate? It is easy to say that they are nervous because they are a virgin. However, they could be nervous for many other and more likely reasons as well. They could just really like you, not feel that good, or they could just be nervous as it is a natural thing to feel when you are intimate with someone new.

Take Home Message

There may be a million articles out there telling you that it is easy to spot if a woman is a virgin, but this is not true at all. While a complete vagina can be more than likely spotted by a professional, all women are different and there is no such thing as a virgin detector. The best tip that we can give you if you are with a woman you like is to get to know her, be nice to her, and if she wants to tell you if she is a virgin, she will. This is a much better way to find out than by looking for a broad walk or examining her wardrobe!



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