Best Exercise and Additional Tips for Losing Belly Fat for Men

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Belly fat refers to the collection of fat around your abdomen that causes an increase in your waist size. The biggest reason why you get belly fat is that you concentrate too much on eating while living a completely sedentary life. Aging also plays a part in this because as you age, your metabolism starts slowing down and the total body fat starts increasing. Some people are more likely to gain belly fat due to genetic factors. Hormonal changes and stress can also contribute to fat accumulation around your belly.

This fat can not only make your jeans feel tighter but also increases your risk of developing certain diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems, and gallbladder issues. If you are carrying some extra fat around your belly, you are not alone. But it is not wise to be like this. So how can you reduce it? Keep reading to know about the most useful exercises to lose belly fat for men.

How to Lose Belly Fat Through Exercise for Men?

Try the following exercises to lose belly fat fast.

1. Crunches

Crunches are one of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men. Performing crunches can help stabilize your midsection where most of the belly fat lies. It can also maintain a good posture and tighten your muscles in order to obtain a flatter stomach. To perform crunches:

  • Lie down on a mat
  • Bend your knees while keeping your hands on the ground
  • Place your hands behind your head
  • Take a deep breath
  • Lift your upper torso off the ground and exhale
  • Inhale once again as you place your body on the ground
  • Exhale once you lift it up again
  • Repeat this movement for ten minutes.

2. Squat thrust

Squat thrust helps you build muscles. For every pound of muscle, you gain, your body burns about 50 to 70 calories in the form of fat. Hence, this exercise routine is extremely good to get rid of belly fat. To perform a squat thrust:

  • Stand with your feet at a distance wider than your shoulder-width
  • Bend at your knees and hips
  • Lower your body until you are able to put your hands on the floor
  • Kick your legs in the backward direction to take a pushup position
  • Immediately reverse this move and stand up from this position.

3. Kettlebell swing

Kettlebells can help engage the primary muscles of your stomach as you work to maintain your balance while using them. This exercise can tone your belly muscles while getting rid of all the extra fat. Start with a 10-pound kettlebell if you are new to this exercise. It is recommended to perform this exercise for twenty minutes three times a week to get rid of belly fat.

  • Stand in a squatting position with your body bent at the hips and knees
  • Bring the kettlebell closer and hold it between your legs
  • Rise up and swing the kettlebell
  • Bring it in front of you at the level of your shoulders

4. Bicycle exercise

Wondering how to lose belly fat for men? Start cycling now. Performing bicycle exercise for an hour can burn about 590-930 calories. This can cause the fat accumulated around your belly to dissolve and helps you achieve a flatter stomach. To perform this:

  • Lie down on a flat mat
  • Keep your hands behind your head
  • Lift your legs and bend them at the knees
  • Bring your left knee near the chest while keeping the other one away
  • Repeat the process with the right knee while keeping the left one away
  • Keep doing these steps like you are pedaling a bicycle

5. Cardio

Are you searching for "how to lose belly fat men”? Start performing cardio now. A steady-state cardio is said to boost your metabolism and speed up the burning of fat around the belly. It is normally recommended to perform cardio for at least 150 minutes per week to burn calories and belly fat. There are a number of ways to perform cardio. You can run, jog, or swim to achieve the benefits of cardio. Swimming is an effective aerobic exercise, which can help lose belly fat. While you are splashing and having fun in the water, your body is continuously toning muscles and burning calories. You may have to complete swimming laps for at least 5 hours a week if you wish to lose belly fat. While you swim, make sure to choose strokes that are strenuous and up-tempo to burn maximum fat.

Additional Tips to Lose Belly Faster in Men

The basic rule to lose fat around the belly is to control what you eat. Follow these dietary instructions to make sure that you lose belly fat at a faster pace.

  • Eat protein-rich foods

Try to eat food with a high amount of proteins in it. For example, fish, nuts, eggs, and other dairy products. Consuming these foods will allow your body to build more muscle and compensate for any muscle loss during exercise. It will also make your body strong enough to perform exercises every day.

  • Eat fiber-rich foods

The total fiber intake is inversely related to your body mass index. This means that consuming foods higher in fiber can help you lose fat faster. So, be sure to eat more foods rich in fiber such as avocados, flaxseeds, and blackberries.

  • Avoid unhealthy food

Foods containing LDL cholesterol can make it difficult for you to lose weight, even if you are exercising on a daily basis. So, avoid eating processed foods. Similarly, foods with high sugar or salt can increase your body fat so, consider reducing them in your daily diet.

  • Drink green tea

Green tea is loaded with useful substances such as antioxidants and catechins. These compounds can help burn belly fat really fast. If you drink green tea just before a workout, it can also increase the fat burn during an aerobic exercise.

The Final Note

Belly fat can be a nightmare for you. However, exercises to lose belly fat for men can come in handy. You can try crunches, squat thrust, and cardio like swimming to get rid of all the extra fat around your belly. Be sure to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and reduce stress to live your dream life with a flatter stomach. For more information on how to lose belly fat, click on the video.



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