How Serious Is a Bump in Your Mouth? Causes and Treatments

By Elaine Belcher |
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A bump causing pain on the roof of the mouth is something which makes everyone worry about. A lump on the body is very disturbing especially when it is in your mouth. Bumps in your mouth are not serious in most cases, and you can treat them easily unless they are quite serious. Mostly at the start, you will feel a small pimple that later grows and becomes large. This pimple becomes very irritating and hard as well. They have red and white colors, and they are filled with puss and may have open sores as well. You can apply the following different remedies for it. If these don't work or the lump becomes bigger, you must consult a doctor.

Causes of bumps in the mouth

A. Torus palatinus

Torus palatinus is actually a bony growth in the middle of the hard palate, which is also known as the roof of our mouth. The size can sometimes be so small that you may never notice it, and sometimes it can be quite large. Some people may have it from their birth and it becomes more obvious later in their life. Torus palatinus don't usually require any treatment, but when it becomes more irritating it can be removed surgically.

B. Nasopalatine duct cyst

A Nasopalatine duct cyst is right behind your two front teeth, an area the dentists call incisive papilla. It is also called a cyst of the palatine papilla. It is painless and you may not even notice it in your mouth. It can be also removed surgically if it becomes irritating.

C. Canker sores

These canker sores are mostly white, red or yellow. They occur on the roof of your tongue, mouth, or sometimes inside the lips and cheeks. They can develop at any time and are not contagious. You may feel difficulty in swallowing, pain and sore throat while having these canker sores. They mostly go away after 5 to 10 days or you can use the numbing agent like benzocaine to get rid of them.

D. Smoking

These bumps can happen due to prolong smoking or heat which generates inside mouth due to smoking. They are white in color with a red depression right at the center. Smoking pipes especially produce more heat and can result in bumps causing pain on the roof of the mouth. They mostly go away when you stop smoking. You must avoid hot beverages if you have these bumps because they can become larger due to the extra heat from the beverages.

Medical and Home Cures for Bumps in Roof of the Mouth

The problem may look small in the beginning, but it can become quite serious at times. Therefore, do not leave and try to do something about it. There are medical treatments and some home remedies which can be used to cure such bumps.

A. Medical cures

  • Antibiotics
    You can manage them using the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. Mostly when there is a sore throat you can use potent antibiotics to cure it. However, if it is due to AIDS or HIV, then you need to use antiviral medications to control the symptoms of the bump causing pain on the roof.
    Most doctors will prescribe you antibiotics when you have strep throat or any other sign of the bacterial infections.

  • Surgical Excision
    Bumps causing pain on the roof of the mouth may go away without any treatment, however, bumps like mucoceles may keep coming back even after the treatment. In this case, the only solution for them is excision of the bump. If you are facing any such situation, then treatment like marsupialization is useful. This treatment also helps in draining the mucus and saliva from the bump which is formed on the roof of your mouth.
    Other bumps that are solid and do not get better can also be removed with surgery under local anesthetic.

  • Laser Treatments
    These days, laser treatments are also used for bumps causing pain on the roof of the mouth. The laser treatment will act as a cancer therapy. Beams of strong light will kill all the cancerous cells and give you complete relief.

B. Home remedies

There are medical treatments available to cure the bump, but as we mentioned this bump is not something to worry about if it isn't caused by diseases. If you are aware of it at the start, it can easily be cured using home remedies as well. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Black Tea
    This is the easiest solution for the bumps. You can apply a bud of black tea on the bump, and this will decrease the pain and irritation from your bump. After getting relief from pain, the bump will completely go away.
  • Honey
    Raw honey is also very useful for the bump causing pain on the roof of the mouth. Apply it with soft cotton for four times. Keep repeating this remedy until the sores and bumps are gone. Honey is blessed with antibacterial properties. The raw honey will protect your mouth against all of the oral infections which cause bumps in the mouth. It will also reduce inflammation within 3 days.
  • Yogurt
    You can cure this by adding yogurt to your daily diet. This will not only kill the bump but also prevent it from reappearing as well. Eating a bowl of yogurt every day is enough to cure bumps. The good bacteria in the yogurt removes the bumps and the smoothness and sweetness of yogurt give you relief from pain. You can also apply yogurt to the infected area directly three times a day and then wash your mouth with warm water.

Bump causing pain on the roof of the mouth may be disturbing when you have something. If it is, try these methods mentioned above. I hope the article helps you get relief e from the annoying thing, and remember to see a doctor if it does not get better.

Here is a video which explains the major causes of bumps causing pain on the roof of the mouth.



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