Top Remedies to Get Rid of Cavities

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What do you know about tooth cavities?

A cavity is an infection that affects the enamel part of a tooth and makes a hole all the way to the dentine (tooth innermost part). A human mouth should be kept hygienic since it is full of bacteria. Mouth hygiene is the most important task when it comes to how to get rid of cavities. By brushing or flossing after eating anything, bacteria that accumulate on the teeth surface would otherwise be washed off. Before talking about remedies for cavities, it is important to know the main causes: sugary foods, lack of minerals and lack of Vitamins.

Proven natural home remedies against cavities

In the quest on how to get rid of a cavity, a study and research to Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, supports that there are a lot of home remedies that you can use. What passes through your mouth for ingestion can be of great help on staying cavity free. Consider the following.

1. Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an easily accessible ancient Ayurvedic home remedy. All that you need to do is swish your mouth using a teaspoon of sunflower, sesame or coconut oil, for 20 minutes and then spitting out the content. A 2009 study concluded that this act contributed to getting rid of mouth bacteria just like mouthwash.

2. Licorice root

When brushing, incorporate licorice powder. It has antibacterial properties which are needed for inhibiting and fighting mouth bacteria that affect the enamel. Note: only use powder licorice, not the candy licorice, for best results.

3. Salt

Salt has a bacterial-inhibiting effect even for open wounds. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it effective for fighting bacteria that are responsible for dental cavities and decay. It should be dissolved in a glass of warm water and the solution used to swish the mouth twice a day. The results will be excellent.

4. Lemon

Lemon fruit is not only best for weight loss, if how to remove cavity is the biggest concern, then lemon juice mixed with asafetida powder works best on cavities. After mixing the two compounds, they have to be applied on the cavity affected area and left there for 5-10 minutes. Later, they are rinsed with water. The results from this two-product mixture will not disappoint.

5. Garlic

Apart from the pleasant taste garlic adds to food, it has vital dental health benefits. It works perfectly on gum strengthening and getting rid of cavities. It is featured as a home remedy because its preparation process is very simple.

The garlic clove is crushed in a bowl, then salt is added to boost the antibacterial fighting ability and the paste applied to the cavity-stricken area. Simple!

When is a dentist's visit necessary?

Even though all the home remedies concerning how to get rid of cavities are handy, a dentist visit is inevitable. Additionally, early or late detection of cavities by a dentist has the following benefits:

  • Use of fluoride treatments

In some cases, a dentist can prescribe fluoride treatments that have more fluoride content than normal toothpaste or mouth washing products depending on the cavity infection extent.

  • Crowns

These are kinds of caps or tooth covering fits that are prescribed for treatments where there is extensive decay. They help cover the holes that occur due to serious cavities.

  • Root canals

These are used when the decay gets too deep into the tooth pulp. When this happens with severe pain, a dentist can remove the inflamed or infected pulp, clean the space, and fill it. This helps to save the tooth from removal.

Tooth removal is an option carried when the decay is too severe. In cases where the decay gets too deep and results in severe pain, a doctor might advise patients to consider this.

Top recommended cavity prevention tips

Instructions on how to get rid of a cavity infection need a dentist but the following prevention tips are very effective.

1. Cut out sugary foods

Sugar plus mouth bacteria brings forth a destructive acid that causes enamel degradation. The 2016 review details by WHO specified that avoiding or consuming fewer sugary foods like snacks and cutting sugary beverages can help prevent cavities.

2. Chew sugar-free gum

Saliva is a good tooth cleansing compound. Chewing sugar-free gum contributes to saliva production that removes sugars and other food leftovers on or between your teeth. If such food products remain there for long, the bacteria multiply, thus affecting the enamel more.

3. Brush with fluoride or clay-based toothpaste

Some specific toothpaste products have a lot of advantages for teeth enamel. They contain specific minerals that aid in strengthening the enamel. Additionally, if the enamel is damaged by cavities to some specific point, these products can restore it and avoid any further deterioration.

4. Addition of butter oil and fermented cod liver oil to your diet is crucial

A combination of these two products have a healing effect on cavities and contain vitamins needed for strong and healthy enamel. A healthy diet prepared with a thought on how to remove cavity effect is crucial.

Everything that concerns dental health, treatment, and prevention is simple to understand. It is just a matter of following the above guidelines, adhering to them and taking an expert's advice seriously. Before any specific treatment, consult a dentist. Thus, cavities can be avoided completely.



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