What to Eat 4 Days After Extracting a Wisdom Tooth

By Amanda Lawrence |
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Wisdom teeth are the last four posterior teeth that grow at age 17 to 25 depending on one's genetic condition. Sadly, people opt to have their wisdom teeth removed due to complications. Some of these complications are teeth misalignment, cavities, and decay, or squeezing of other teeth. The removal process is mostly accompanied by severe pain, swelling, discomfort and eating difficulties. Such are the reasons why most people find themselves lost in thoughts like what to eat after extracting a wisdom tooth. A special diet is needed for 4 or 7 days until healing is achieved.

Foods to Eat and Avoid After Extracting a Wisdom Tooth

After the tooth removal, a nutritious diet is essential to promote fast wound healing, prevent extra swelling, provide wound nourishment, and prevent complications. Below are the main foodstuffs to watch.

1. What to eat

  • Yogurt
    The stressing question on what to take after extracting a wisdom tooth can be sorted out with a tin of yogurt. A Greek yogurt prepared without additives is the best option. One yogurt pack can provide vitamins, proteins, and minerals required for energy and consistent healing.

  • Soup
    After the surgical removal, eating solid foodstuff can irritate a fresh wound. A well-prepared warm soup is needed to provide vitamins, minerals, maintain body hydration, and provide proteins for energy provision and fasten healing process. Beef broth, celery soup, tomato soup, and pumpkin soup are the best alternatives.

  • Mashed potatoes
    After the surgery, look for a smooth and delicious type of food to eat. Making mashed potatoes is one easy way to have a delicious and nutritious meal. All that the cook needs to do is mash the potatoes to make a smooth meal. If preferred, add butter, gravy, and sour cream to boost the nutrient content. But there should be no large potato lumps that will need strenuous chewing.

  • Applesauce
    Apples are very nutritious. If pureed into a smooth thick liquid known as applesauce, they make one of the best foods to eat after extracting a wisdom tooth. They contain vitamin C and fiber which are essential diet components to help speed the healing. Another option is to make a homemade applesauce which is even more nutritious.

  • Hummus
    After extracting a wisdom tooth, you must watch the kind of nutrients they consume. Hummus is like an answer on what to eat after extracting a wisdom tooth. It is a source of protein, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats which are vital nutrients needed throughout the uneasy days after the operation.

  • Banana ice cream
    Just like the way ice can help reduce cell swelling, banana ice creams are recommended after extracting a wisdom tooth. Homemade banana ice creams are recommended due to their nutritious content. Other processed ice creams contain a lot of sugars making them less desirable health-wise. Homemade preparation procedure is very simple: put four bananas in a freezer for four hours or overnight, cut them into slices after freezing, put them in a blender, and add some milk. Blend the mixture into a thick smooth cream.

2. What to avoid

  • Spicy foods
    Some kind of spices used in food does not bode well for an open wound. They might cause a lot of pain.

  • Chewy foods
    Any kind of food that will need chewing should be avoided. Remember; you are trying to avoid any disruption of blood clot formation, and chewing can cause that disruption. Additionally, after surgery, your mouth will be numb. You might end up biting yourself a couple of times without noticing.

  • Grains
    Any kind of food containing grains should not feature within your wisdom teeth food timeline. Grains need strenuous chewing which might affect the healing process, not forgetting the ability of some grain particles getting lodged in the wound.

  • Alcohol
    Alcohol might cause wound irritation or might even react with the prescribed painkillers. It should be avoided completely.

Other Tips to Follow After Extracting a Wisdom Tooth

The healing process of teeth removal is not simple. A well planned and cautious post-surgery care is essential for faster healing. The following must be done.

1. Immediate care tips

The following tips are vital:

  • The gauze pad placed on the wound should remain there for 30 minutes before being discarded.
  • Anything that might disrupt the blood clotting like spitting, rinsing or touching that area must be avoided.
  • Medication should be taken as prescribed.
  • Cut movement down for the first two days.
  • Ice packs can be placed on the side of the face to prevent extra swelling.

2. Tips for bleeding

Immediately after the surgery, a certain amount of bleeding is normal. But if bleeding continues after the first gauze removal, another gauze should be placed there for thirty minutes. If there is no change, a moist tea bag should be the next alternative. Tannic tea acid helps in blood clot formation.

3. Tips for swelling

It is normal for swelling to occur which can affect the cheeks, eye, or generally the whole facial area on the operated side. Swelling might be experienced for two to three days. Thus, ice should be placed on the swollen area for 30 minutes, then leave it for 30 minutes before placing it there again. That routine should continue until the swelling eases.

4. Tips for pain

After the body has been through surgery, pain is normal. Thus, painkiller medication should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Take either ibuprofen or acetaminophen after the anesthesia wears off. Additionally, foods that can cause pain must be avoided.

The most important thing regarding the healing process is to eat nutritiously and approved food. The second most important thing is to maintain mouth hygiene, restrict movement, and follow professional advice regarding the pace of healing. Wisdom teeth surgery is never complicated and healing should not be an issue.



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