Erotic Massage Vital Points That Boost Your Sex Life Quality

By Amanda Lawrence |
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Sensual massage is a kind of massage that gives pleasure by touching your partner's massage points. If you want to build intimacy with your partner, then consider this massage. Note, however, that this massage does not aim to give you an orgasm. Instead, it provides stress relief while improving the intimacy between partners. It's been used in Eastern cultures. For example, in India, the people here utilize a form of sensual massage that incorporates spiritual and physical aspects. In the Western world, people employ this massage to heal. Studies showed that incorporating it into men's sex life could boost their confidence, especially if they are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

What Are the Erotic Massage Points for Women?

In this list, let's take a look at the massage points that you can try with your partner. Apart from soothing your body, they also promote pleasure.

1. Getting a Foot Massage to Touch Kidney 1 (KI1) and Spleen 4 (SP4)

To touch your partner's kidney (KI1), massage the sole of her foot. It is 1/3 of the way down the part of the foot that connects the base of her second and third toes. Your partner's spleen (SP4) is found at the first metatarsal bone or toe.

Carefully massage her Kidney 1 and Spleen 4 on her feet. They are effective points for stabilizing the refined powers in the body. They can promote a rise in blood circulation to the main part of your body. These massage points are thoroughly linked to the reproductive organs of female and male.

2. Massage the Stomach 30 (ST30)

It is a tiny area over the crotch. The spot is where the hip joints and meets the body. It is near a major artery that aids in raising blood circulation. Press this area for a couple of seconds. Then hold before releasing. To get the best outcome, keep eye contact with your partner while doing this intimate routine.

3. The Sea of Vitality Bladder 23 (B23) & Bladder 47 (B47)

B23 is in the center of the waistline between the chest and hip bone. The points are the space in between the second and third back vertebrae. B47, on the other hand, is situated on the same line with the B23 point.

These vital points of an erotic massage for her can enhance sex drive. They treat infertility and early climaxing, as well as reduce back pain. When you offer your partner an erotic massage, see to it that you get to these areas.

4. Fertilization Vessel 6 Point

It's easy to locate this point. It is just three fingers below the belly button. Massaging this area reinforces her reproductive system. Stimulate this area by putting your fingertips in between the pubic bone and belly button. Then, use firm and consistent pressure for two minutes while you take a deep breath. This point is also beneficial for uterine blood loss and irregular menstrual cycle.

5. Massage the Head DU 20

Finding the DU20 is rather easy. The tips of your thumbs must be placed at the uppermost area of your ears. Then, reach your center fingers to touch each other at the top of your head. It is the most energetic location of the body. Rub these areas to lower the activity away from the head and back to the main part of the body. Often, we spend too much energy in our minds, thereby hindering sexual activity. By rubbing this area, it soothes your overused mind and enables blood to move in a balanced way throughout the body.

These practical points are picked for their ability to soothe that makes for better foreplay and more aroused intercourse. It is essential to be caring and mild while you massage those points. You can apply a soft kiss, as well.

Getting Ready for the Massage

1. Make the Right Atmosphere

A sensual massage is an intimate activity between two partners. Unfortunately, people could feel uncertain of the best ways to start. That's why I started touching the vital points of an erotic massage for females. The initial step is to establish the state of mind. It aids in reducing any sensations of anxiousness. It is a personalized experience. Thus, it could vary from one partner to another.

2. Choose a Suitable Space for the Massage

When planning for a massage therapy, make sure to locate an area that is comfortable for you and your partner. The suitable surface area could be a bed covered with soft sheets and put some coverings. Make sure to connect with your partner while you uncover the area that feels ideal for her.

3. Use Some Sensual Oils

Don't hesitate to make use of oils or lubricants to avoid infection. You may even use sex toys throughout the process. Always communicate with your partner to learn what works best for her.

4. Choose to Face Up or Face Down

To start the massage, your female companion could lie down with face up or down. Either position permits access to various delicate areas. If she wants to lie down facing up, you can start by delicately rubbing her arms and slowly moving to her breast and other locations of her body. If your partner starts facing down, you can start the massage at her legs, from the thighs down to her ankles. Then, massage her back and go up to her shoulders. Mix the movements and the quantity of pressure used.


Although these vital points of an erotic massage for women are useful in increasing libido, it is vital to remember that every person is different. Enhancing your sex life has to arise from within you. You need to communicate and relax. Plus, you must trust your partner. To learn more about the vital points of an erotic massage, please refer to the video below:



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