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Pregnancy and food cravings go hand in hand. Some people all of a sudden will crave a chocolate bar, some will crave gherkins, some will crave meat even if they are not usually a person who eats meat. Many want to know, when do pregnancy cravings start? Cravings really are one of the most talked about things during pregnancy and are pretty fascinating to discuss. Today we are looking at when pregnancy cravings start, why you get them and what some of the commonly craved things are.

Detailed Explanation on Pregnancy Cravings

1. When They Start

When do cravings start during pregnancy? Well for most women it is during that first trimester. They are nothing to worry about and some ladies report developing cravings as soon as two weeks after becoming pregnant. Cravings can actually be one of the early signs of pregnancy. Some women report that their cravings carry on all throughout pregnancy, while for others, cravings can go away after the first trimester.

2. Why Do You Have Pregnancy Cravings?

It is one thing to ask, when do cravings start as this is a fairly easy question to answer. In regards to what causes pregnancy cravings, many theories are out there, but one that most experts agree on is hormones. The early stages of pregnancy see a vast amount of new hormones entering her bloodstream which can cause cravings for new and weird foods. Another popular theory is that pregnancy cravings are your body's way of telling you that you need more calcium and Vitamin C, and research has shown that while there are some very odd pregnancy cravings, milk and fruit products tend to be the most common.

3. What Are the Common Pregnancy Cravings?

  • Pickles: Some ladies want to know, when do pregnancy cravings start so that they can prepare for pickle cravings. Pickles are one of the most popular cravings. Do not worry as they are low in price, have few calories, and have a nice crunch to them.

  • Chocolate: If she is lucky, chocolate will be what she craves. The sweeter the better is what people say, and many people say if you have chocolate cravings, you are carrying a girl.

  • Ice Cream: Ice cream is high on the pregnancy craving list for many ladies, as it is tasty and full of calcium. Besides, ice cream also helps keep you cool.

  • Potato Chips: Potato chips are something that many pregnant women crave. Experts believe that it is the saltiness and the crunchiness that makes them so popular with pregnant women.

  • Spicy Foods: If you have to ask a friend when do cravings start during pregnancy, they may tell you about how spicy foods are something you will not only crave but be able to tolerate easier than before. Spicy food cravings can be anything from red hot peppers to really spicy curry dishes.

  • Fruit: You may think that pregnancy cravings are all chocolate, potato chips, and ice cream, but the body also craves some healthy food as well. Lemon, watermelon, grapes, and strawberries have all be shown to be popular. Besides giving you and your baby a vitamin C boost, fruit helps you stay cool and hydrated.

How to Keep Pregnancy Cravings under Control

One thing that is important to remember is that pregnancy cravings do tend to be for things that are unhealthy so that is why you want to keep them under control.

  • Keep a Healthy Diet: Asking, when do cravings start, just in order to eat what you want is not the way to go. Instead, try and keep a balanced and nutritious diet. Eat foods that are good for you and the baby. Try to stick to your normal diet.

  • Smart Substitutions: Do not just give into your cravings right away. For example, if you have a real craving for a tube of Pringles, have some salted popcorn. It is much lower in calories and will fill that salt craving.

  • Indulge Your Cravings: We are not saying go crazy, but if you do have a big craving for chocolate, allow yourself to have it, but just have it in moderation. So instead of going for the giant size Hershey Bar have a more modest one.

  • Take Your Mind off It: If a craving starts, instead of running to the snack drawer in your kitchen, go for a walk, watch a movie or visit a friend. In general, just do something to take your mind off it and distract yourself.

  • Speak to a Doctor: In the majority of cases, pregnancy cravings are harmless. However, if you find yourself cravings really strange and dangerous things like dirt, dish soap or other weird "foods”, you need to talk to a doctor. These cravings are called Pica and it is when the body craves things that are not food.

As well as knowing the answer to the question, when do pregnancy cravings start, you now know that they are perfectly normal, safe and no matter how weird the food you crave is, someone else will be craving the same thing so do not worry about it. As we said if you find that you are craving things that are not good, please talk to your doctor.

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