Tips on How to Finger Yourself

By Elaine Belcher |
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Nowadays, being able to bring about self love is celebrated widely. Even in matters concerning sexual gratification and orientation, being able to become satisfied by your own means is considered a great attribute. Knowing this, you might have already asked, "how to finger myself?”

The female genital tract is embedded with a rich nervous supply which makes it a very erogenous area. Stimulation of your lady parts, including the structures surrounding them, can be very satisfying and can keep you thinking about it for long after.

The Basics

Before we start giving you the basics of how to finger yourself, let us first discuss the different parts involved in pleasuring yourself.

First off, you have your female genital organs important for setting off a sexual response. The vagina is the canal adjacent to your anus and is the site where penile or finger penetration happens. When you are sexually excited, the vagina secretes a naturally occurring fluid that can help in lubricating the penetrating object and in maintaining a pleasurable experience.

The clitoris is a small structure located at the lower border of your pubic bone and is somewhat hidden by the skin and mucosal folds in your genitalia. This is the primary stimulatory area for females and is the equivalent of the head of the penis for males. You also have your G-spot, an area colloquially known as the area found on the front wall of the vagina where intense excitation can be elicited when stimulated.

Tips on Reaching Orgasms by Yourself

Here are ways on how to properly finger yourself to derive pleasure:

1. Fingering your G-spot

A lot of women say that this area of the vagina is very sensitive to tactile stimulation and can give you orgasms. Upon inserting your finger in your vagina, try to reach at the front walls and locate an area that is distinctly ridged. Some would even liken this area to the surface of a wet raspberry. Once you've reached it, stimulate it while customizing the amount of pressure you apply while you are at it.

2. Pressure pressing

For some women, the G-spot may not be as accessible as you may think. However, this does not mean that you will have to be denied from the orgasm that you deserve! This can be achieved by pressing the area of your abdomen just above the pubic bone while your inserted finger is locating the G-spot in the vagina. Pressure pressing facilitates in bringing the G-spot towards your inserted finger, making it more accessible and of course, open to stimulation.

3. Pressing from behind

Stimulating the G-spot may not be every woman's cup of tea. If you are one of those who prefer a more non-traditional way of achieving pleasure, you can stimulate the back structures of the genital area. You can either look for intense erogenous zones at the posterior wall of the vagina or insert your finger through your anus and do the stimulation from there. You can even do both using fingers from both hands.

4. Playing with the clitoris

One of the basics of how to finger yourself includes stimulation of your clitoris. As mentioned, this is the primary erogenous area in the female genital tract. You can even do this while making use of other techniques in eliciting an orgasm.

Things to Remember Before Getting Yourself Excited

Successfully deriving an orgasm from fingering involves many other factors. You have to take into consideration the environment and the context that will be present while you finger yourself.

  • Environment

Ensuring a private area to do your business is essential. Since there is a lot of mind work and concentration involved in giving yourself pleasure, it usually helps if you are not distracted and anxious about any unwanted presences in the vicinity. Actions as simple as locking your doors and closing the windows can be a good start. Others would even achieve successful orgasms while being in the shower due to the fact that their pleasure activities are concealed by a regular daily hygiene routine.

  • Hygiene

Although very erogenous, your genital area deserves the same amount of care as your other parts. It is also vulnerable to erosions and infections that can impair its use and cause complications if left untreated. With this in mind, making sure that you wash your hands before and after doing the deed can help in preventing problems and in keeping your lady parts sexy and healthy.

In Conclusion

Achieving orgasms by yourself can be a bit tricky - especially if you are still new to the idea. However, be assured with the fact that the best way to successfully satisfy yourself is to explore your body with your own hands. With the help of some online resources, you can surely get answers on how to properly finger yourself.



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