15 Best Spots to Get a Tattoo

By Michael Adeyanju |
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You have heard it all, from rebellion, self-expression and group affiliations, to culture, attention, and even drunken impulsiveness. The reasons for getting tattoos abound and vary from person to person. But whatever your reasons, you are probably reading this because you are wondering what are some of the best places to get a tattoo.

However, beyond your reasons for getting inked, the location of your tattoo on your body also carries symbolism and a subtle message to the world. A forearm tattoo, for instance, symbolizes a strong exterior and resolve, but a delicate inside. A neck tattoo, on the other hand, sends a subtle message that the person wearing it isn't fazed or moved by norms and expectations.

Best Places to Get a Tattoo - Ladies

Some ladies may want to go with the least painful spot, but here are some other places you can get that body art and look great without thinking too much about the potential pain.

Behind The Ear

If you want to draw attention to your ears while adding aesthetic appeal to your face, you should consider a tattoo behind your ears. It would look cute and adorable, especially since you can decide if you want to show it or not.


The shoulder is one of the most prime locations for a tattoo because the rounded part can bring out the beauty of certain designs. The shoulder also happens to be one of the least painful places to get a tattoo and therefore, the go-to option for many people getting their first tattoos.


The buzzing sound of the needle around your ears may make your head spin, but it shouldn't deter you from getting a neck tattoo. Though still a bit rare, tattoos look really cool on a girl's neck. Some people also consider them a bit more painful, but pain is always subjective. Neck tattoos aren't actually that painful compared to other more sensitive body parts.


The ankle is not only one of the most feminine places to get a tattoo, but also one of the least painful places. Whether you get a beautiful star, a plain heart, or an intricate design, ankle tattoos look pretty cute and stylish. And, you can easily cover them up with high top shoes.

Upper Thigh

The upper thigh presents a great deal of space if you have a larger, more intricate design in mind. And you can easily pull something over it if you want to hide it.

Side Wrist

Wrist tattoos are simple, beautiful and sensational. They are some of the most unique tattoos, and which signify a constant source of inspiration. A quick glance at the tattoo will provide a helpful reminder to stay strong.


Although they are a little harder to cover up, collarbone tattoos are fast becoming one of the most wanted tattoos. You'll need a little more bravery before you can get one because the needle will test your pain tolerance.

Best Places to Get a Tattoo - Men

Men generally don't show a lot of skin, but that doesn't limit them when they want to get inked. Here are some suggestions on the best place to get a tattoo for a guy.

Upper Back

The upper back is one of the most popular places to get a tattoo for men. It's technically one of the most spacious regions on the body and therefore, the perfect spot for those large tribal lines, angel wings, or any other sprawling designs.


Chest tattoos never fail to bring out that tough, manly look. The chest is, of course, one of the most attractive parts of a man's body. Few other tattoos portray a more badass ink decoration than chest tattoos. Bonus points if you have been working on that chest in the gym.


Like shoulder tattoos, bicep tattoos are quite common among men, but that doesn't take away their aesthetic appeal and manly look. They aren't that painful and are quite easy to hide. And, they accentuate a man's muscles and masculinity - think Popeye.


Men generally love calf tattoos, and their larger calves make excellent spots for ink art. The location is also ideal for men who want the option to cover up their tattoos.


Finger tattoos are becoming increasingly common among men. They are mostly symbolic in nature, and other than aesthetic appeal, men like to use them as reminders of an important event, occurrence, or message. Therefore, finger tattoos are perfect if you want something you can constantly look at.

Rib Cage

The rib cage is one of the most sensitive parts of a man's body. Therefore, getting inked on your rib cage might feel ticklish and incredibly painful, so you'll need a lot of courage and tolerance. But rib cage tattoos present new possibilities, from animals and foreign letters, to meaningful words and symbols.


The neck is quite exposed and therefore, neck tattoos are a little harder to hide. However, tribal and masculine symbols look really cool on a man's neck. They represent a cool, badass, rebellious nature in a man and are sure to grab the attention of anyone.


The arms are some of the most mobile parts of the human body. Therefore, getting a tattoo on your forearm means everyone will get to see it whenever you move it around. The forearm is one of the best places to get a tattoo for a guy because it presents a great deal of space for even the most intricate designs.

Takeaway Message

Of course, you have your own reasons for getting a tattoo. But remember, the location of your tattoo carries a certain aesthetic appeal depending on your gender. These suggestions should help you pick the perfect spot based on the kind of effect you are going for. Check out this video for more advice on picking the best places to get your first tattoo.



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