Top 8 Best Smelling Victoria Secret Perfume and Fragrances

By Cornelia Tjandra |
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Do you know what the best accessory you can wear is? It's not your bag, jewelry, or even shoes. It's your scent. It will build your character and leave a remarkable impression on anyone you meet. A memorable scent is one of the secrets of seduction.

Capture everyone's attention with Victoria's Secret perfumes and fragrances. Sweet, feminine, playful, flirty, and sexy, this brand's perfume encompasses everything a woman would ever want in a scent. Interested? Check out our Victoria Secret perfume list to find out which fragrance would suit you best.

Victoria Secret Best Seller Perfume List

Victoria's Secret may be famous for its lingerie line, but its fragrances are also amazing. This brand has been releasing amazing aromas since the early 1990s. By now, they have more than 300 different scents to offer; they have everything for everyone.

But, we realize that with that number, it may be hard for you to find the perfect perfume for you. Don't worry, though. We have curated eight of the best Victoria Secret perfumes. From flirty and fun to sweet and innocent, you're sure to find a new favorite scent in this list.

  • Bombshell Eau de Parfum

Encased in an iconic pink-striped bottle, Bombshell is a cult-favorite among Victoria's Secret lovers. This perfume is perfect for any occasion, from a casual walk around the town to an elegant gala dinner.

This classic fragrance has a vanilla orchid base with notes of peony and passionfruit. The peony take center stage while the passion fruit gives this perfume a dark depth. This perfume is available in two sizes. A 1.7 oz bottle will cost you $58, while a 3.4 oz bottle will set you back by $78. Get it now from Victoria Secret's website.

  • Very Sexy Eau de Parfum

With a red and black bottle, this perfume has a seductress-like charm to it. Sophisticated and intoxicating, this is the best Victoria Secret perfume for classy ladies to wear on a formal occasion.

While it has the sweet-smelling vanilla orchid as its base, this perfume smells sultry yet youthful thanks to its clementine, blackberry, and musk undertones. This is truly the ultimate weapon for seduction. Like other Victoria Secret's perfumes, it's available in two sizes. The smaller, 1.7 oz bottle costs $58 while the bigger, 3.4 oz bottle costs $78. Order it now from Victoria Secret's website.

  • Heavenly Eau de Parfum

Warm and ethereal, this perfume truly suits its name. With golden packaging, this perfume will remind you of angels. It's light and breezy, undoubtedly the best Victoria Secret perfume for the summer.

This fragrance combines notes of white musk, vanilla, peony, and sandalwood perfectly. The result is a well-balanced and elegant scent that's sensual and long-lasting. You can get it from the official website in two different sizes. The smaller size (1.7 oz.) costs $58, while the regular size (3.4 oz.) costs $78.

  • Tease Eau de Parfum

With a pink and black transparent bottle, this flirty perfume can be a great addition to your boudoir. Coquettish yet sensual, Tease is the ultimate weapon in the art of seduction. It's just perfect for flirty ladies and seductresses alike.

The combination of black vanilla, frozen pear, and gardenia creates a uniquely warm and inviting scent. This one-of-a-kind perfume is available in two sizes, and you can get it directly from Victoria Secret's website. A small, 1.7 oz bottle costs $58 while a 3.4 oz bottle costs $78.

  • Love Eau de Parfum

Love is in the air. Encased in a soft pink bottle, this perfume truly embodies love. It smells light and fresh, just like a gorgeous, blooming flower in the spring. Perfect for a young woman in love, this perfume will smell amazing on date nights.

This dazzling perfume combines the delicate smell of fresh juniper and the playful scent of apricots. Sweet and flirty with a hint of sexiness, you should try this perfume. Get it now from Victoria Secret's website at $58 for a 1.7 oz bottle and $78 for a 3.4 oz.

  • Tease Rebel Eau de Parfum

Bring out the rebellious yet sexy side of you with Tease Rebel. Encased in a purple and black transparent bottle, this perfume would look great on any boudoir. With a leathery floral scent, this eclectic fragrance is perfect for edgy young women. Grab everyone's attention each day by using this perfume.

With notes of violet and rose, the floral scent takes center stage in this fragrance. But while both flowers stand out, the perfume is still somewhat lightweight. Moreover, the inclusion of leather gives the scent a velvety depth. Interested? Order it now from Victoria Secret's website at $58 for a 1.7 oz bottle and $78 for a 3.4 oz.

  • Gold Struck Fragrance Mist

Dazzle everyone in your way with this fantastic fragrance! Encased in a glittering gold bottle, this mist is inspired by the trend for sparkling fragrances. Lightweight and warm, this scent is excellent for teenagers and young women. This versatile fragrance will smell amazing on both casual and formal events.

The mixture of citrus, passion fruit, and guilty rush puts a brilliant twist on warm, fruity scents. Add this mist to your fragrance collection by ordering it from Victoria Secret's website. At $18 for an 8.4 oz bottle, this body mist is quite affordable.

  • Love Spell Fragrance Mist

Attract everyone you meet with Love Spell fragrance mist. Refreshing and cool, this body mist will be perfect for young women and teens. Encased in a gorgeous purple bottle, this mist will add a pop of color to your vanity.

The delectable combination of cherry blossom and fresh peach of this mist will make you smell irresistible. An 8.4 oz bottle only costs $18 at Victoria Secret's website, so this fragrance is very affordable and perfect for fragrance newbies.

Takeaway Message

Smelling good is one of the keys to seduction. And Victoria Secret fragrances will give you an attractive heavenly scent. So, which Victoria Secret best seller perfume is your favorite? Will you be trying a new Victoria Secret fragrance from our list? Whichever Victoria Secret fragrance you use, you're guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet.



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