Do You Know Why People Don’t Read Books?

By Andy Brown |
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Have you read any book in the last couple of days or months? When was the last time you read a book? Well, it won't be a surprise if you don't remember the answer to these questions! It is a regretful fact that the habit of reading is fading with time. Studies say that one out of four Americans did not read any book last year. About 24% of adult Americans have not read any book completely or in part during the past year. Surveys say that almost 37% high school degree holders and 7% of college graduates haven't read any book last year. So the question is - why people don't read books?

Top Reasons Why People Don't Read Books

1. Lack of time

This is one of the most commonly found reasons as to why people do not read books! The tight deadlines, busy schedules, and extremely fast life leave no time for reading books. There are people who want to read books but cannot do so because of the shortage of time.

2. Lack of money

Just like every other thing, books also come at a cost. If you do not have the money to buy books, how would you have a book of your own? And obviously, when you won't have books, you won't get the chance to read them.

3. Not getting the right book

People read books which interest them. If you do not get a book of your choice, you stop reading. On the contrary, the favorite books are read over and over again.

4. Accumulation of books

There are few people who keep on wasting time in accumulating just every other book. While their collection gets updated, they don't realize that it is of no use to simply keep on collecting books and not reading them!

5. The mind keeps wandering

The lack of focus is also a strong reason as to why people don't read books. When you read a book with full concentration, you continue reading. But when your mind starts wandering, you leave the reading in between.

6. Availability of content online

It is a harsh truth that when things were not easily available online, people used to value things. The easy availability and access of content online has made people lazy. They do not want to take the pain of searching a book, taking it out and then turn page by page to read it!

7. Lack of patience

The present time is fast! Everybody wants a quick solution, a quick answer, a quick result and a quick climax. The lack of patience is thus one more reason why people don't read books.

8. The influence of surroundings

If someone is born and brought up in a surrounding where there are people who are always busy in gadgets or other things, the interest in reading books may never develop. On the other hand, there are examples, where even a 2-year old baby tries to turn pages of a book because he/she sees the parents reading books. Selection of difficult books – Sometimes people are unable to read books because they choose very difficult books. The tough vocabulary or the long complicated sentences make it difficult to continue reading.

9. Not understanding the significance of books

The last but very important reason why people don't read books these days is simply that they do not know the significance of books. These people don't know that reading good books can change the way they think!

Why You Should Read Books?

1. Reading is good for the brain – Reading stimulates your brain and helps fight conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

2. It gives you information, knowledge, and ideas – Books are treasures of information. When you read, you update yourself with new ideas and knowledge.

3. It enhances your written and verbal skills – The regular reading habit leads to improvement in your written and conversational skills.

4. It helps you get rid of stress – Reading is a great way to distress yourself! When you read with interest, you forget all your worries!

5. It improves your memory – Books are full of amazing information. When we read, our mind automatically tries to remember what we have read. Thus, you get to improve your memory too.

6. It enhances your vocabulary – Reading introduces us with newer words every day. We try to find out the meaning of new words and thus, improve our vocabulary.

7. It improves your concentration power - When you start reading on a regular basis, you will discover that your concentration and focus power has improved drastically. This is so because when you read, your mind concentrates on what is there in front of your eyes. This, in turn, is a type of meditation and needless to mention that meditation is great for improving focus.

8. Reading sharpens your power of imagination – When you read, you remove the boundaries of your imagination. You start thinking and imagining in a new way.

9. It makes you more creative – Be it a storybook or a book of general knowledge, the fact is that reading makes you more creative. You start thinking of new plots, characters, and concepts that you had never thought of before!

10. It is a hobby with multiple benefits – Reading is one hat with many feathers! You get to entertain, update, enjoy and inform yourself when you read. Reading is the best way of utilizing time.

Important Tips to Help You Read More

1. Carry your books wherever you go – Whether you are planning a travel trip, an outing with your friends, going to your relative's home or just any other place, do not forget to carry your books with you. Having the books of your choice with you forever will help you follow your reading routine without any break.

2. Try reading various types of books – Instead of getting stuck to a single variety of reading; try to bring variety in your reading. Include adventure, thrill, romance, fiction and non-fiction in your reading.

3. Read books that interest you – You should always remember that we read for enjoying ourselves. We do not read to show off. For example, if the business world does not interest you, do not try to show off by holding and trying to read a copy of 'Fortune' magazine. Just read what interests you!

4. Decide an objective for your reading – Before you catch a book, just be clear about the objective of reading in your mind. Ask yourself, why do you want to read? Do you want to read for entertainment, or do you want to read so that you can update your knowledge in the certain subject? The clarity of your objective will help you choose the right book.

5. Set a deadline for completing a book – If you will keep on reading a book for several days, there is the high possibility that you will gradually lose interest in it. Hence, it is advised to set a deadline for the book that you are reading.

6. Read in a calm atmosphere – A quiet and calm ambiance is perfect for reading. When you read in a quiet place, you are able to focus better and understand what you are reading. Thus, try to find a calm place for reading.

7. Try to understand what you read – Instead of reading just the words, you should actually know the meaning of what you are reading. If you will not understand what you read, you will lose interest easily.



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