Most Interesting Challenges to Do With Your Friends

By Andy Brown |
|7 min read

Do you know that the time which you spend with your friends can be turned into a great enjoyable moment? Yes! You would be surprised to know that there are some awesome, interesting and easy challenges to do! These challenges are a great way to fight boredom and give you a lovely time together with your friends. Full of amusement, fun, and creativity, these challenges are indeed a wonderful way to pass time with your group of friends.

Top Fun Challenges to Do with Friends

1. The cool ice bucket challenge – To do this challenge, just take a bucket full of water and ice. Your friend will turn the bucket over your head. Keep dry towels with you so that once the challenge is over, you can dry yourself. Also, perform it outside your home. This challenge not only entertains you but also helps collect funds for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

2. The variety of food challenges – These challenges can be done in several ways. The most popular ways include serving less tasty food to your friends, making them guess what the food is and also asking your friends to consume a certain amount of food in the given time period.

3. Cinnamon challenge - We all like cinnamon in food but eating a good amount of cinnamon in a minute is not easy. This challenge involves eating a full tablespoon of cinnamon in less than one minute. Actually cinnamon gives you a burning feeling. Hence, doing this challenge is not as easy as you are not allowed to drink any liquid during the challenge.

4. Eating the raw onion challenge - Just as the name suggests, you need to eat a raw onion without drinking any liquid in between. Both you and your friend can do it. The challenge is won by the person who eats the most onions in the specified time.

5. The spicy challenge of Hot Pepper - If you and your friends are able to eat hot peppers, you can try this challenge. The more hot peppers you eat, the greater are your chances of winning! One who finishes more hot peppers is the winner. In this challenge, you are allowed to have some water in between. You can include a variety of peppers in this challenge.

6. The sour challenge of warheads - Warheads are very sour candies. The challenge comprises eating as many pieces of candies as possible. Obviously, one who eats more pieces is the winner.

7. The lemon slice challenge - Take a fresh lemon and cut it into slices. Ask your friend to eat as many slices as he can! You can also compete with your friend. The person who is able to eat more slices wins the challenge.

8. The real difficult chubby Bunny challenge - In this challenge, you have to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can. This challenge can be performed with two or more friends. Every time you put a Marshmallow in your mouth, you have to say Chubby Bunny. The challenge becomes difficult with increasing marshmallows in your mouth.

9. The Rice purity challenge - In this challenge, you and your friends are asked questions regarding your purity. Questions like, have you ever kissed a girl or have you ever held hands of a girl etc, are asked during this challenge. The candidate who scores more marks is declared the winner.

10 The tasty and not so tasty smoothie challenge - The participants of this challenge prepare smoothies using 10 healthy fruits and then spoil the taste of these smoothies by using 10 more fruits. The winner is the one who finishes the smoothie and reaches the bottom of the glass.

11. The hot Soy Sauce challenge - In this challenge, you and your friends are judged on the basis of who gulps down more soy sauce. You can either gulp down the same amount of soy sauce in less time or you keep on gulping down the sauce till the required time.

?12. Stranger challenge - You have to take a picture with a stranger. The picture should show the stranger holding a sign that says" I don't know this person".

13. The sweet sugar high challenge - This funny challenge can be done with as many friends as you want. Everybody has to eat as many sweet things as possible at a specific time.

14. Funny tickle me the challenge - You have to ask questions to your friends. Those who give wrong answers are tickled by another person for a set time period.

15. Toothpaste mask challenge - This funny challenge involves keeping a mask of toothpaste over the face for as long as possible.

16. Do not laugh challenge - Ask your friend to fill their mouth with water. Now you have to make him laugh and he has to control laughing. As soon as your friend spits out the water, he loses the challenge.

17. Challenges to do with vanilla - You and your friends have to gulp down a maximum amount of vanilla extracts in the shortest possible time.

18. Whipped cream challenge - The participants of this challenge have to swallow down the bottle of whipped cream in the shortest time. One who gulps down more quantity in the least time is the winner.

19. 50/100 clear challenge - This interesting challenge comprises putting 50 or 100 layers of something. For example, if it is makeup, you have to wear 50 or 100 layers of makeup. The number of layers can be decreased and the challenge can be done with any item of your choice including clothes.

20. The quick 7-second challenge - You can ask your friend to do an easy task in just 7 seconds. It can be tying the laces or eating a sandwich and tasks like that.

21. Empty the toothpaste challenge - This challenge can be performed with many friends. One has to empty the tube of toothpaste into the mouth. The winner is the one who does that and keeps it for the longest period.

22. The smart accent challenge - Ask your friends to do imitations of various accents. for example, the Indian accent, the French accent, etc. The best imitation performer wins!

23. Not-so-cute baby food challenge - A group of friends can do this challenge. the participants are asked to swallow down a variety of baby foods. Water can be used only after swallowing the food.

24. Blindfold drawing challenge –In this challenge, the participant is first blindfolded and then asked to draw various images.

25. The dangerous baking soda and vinegar challenge - This risky challenge involves putting a tablespoon of baking soda and vinegar in the mouth. The participant has to hold the reaction for as long as possible. Do not swallow the liquid because it can be life-threatening.

26. Sprite and banana challenge - In this challenge, you are your friend have to eat two bananas and then, immediately empty down a can of Sprite. Doing this, makes you feel like throwing up. One who controls vomit is the winner.

27. Beans-into-the bowl challenge - Play this amazing challenge with a group of friends. In one bowl, the beans are kept and one has to use the chopsticks to place the beans into another bowl.

28. The blindfold makeup challenges to do with your buddy - Just as the name suggests, you and your friend have to do each other's makeup while being blindfolded.

29. The tough brain freeze challenge - The participant is asked to enter a bathtub that is full of ice. He is allowed to come out when he gives the correct answer to the asked question.


Challenges to do with your friend consist of an extensive variety. You can try funny, creative, adventurous, daring, and risky and many other types of challenges with your friends. You can even create your own interesting challenges. The best challenges are those which are enjoyed by everyone and do not put you at any sort of risk!



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