7 Best Tips on How to Move on From Someone You Loved Easily

By Emma |
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Love can be an exciting and fulfilling human emotion. Love is felt at the highest and lowest moments of life. Nonetheless, heartbreaks happen, and it is essential to know how to move on from someone you love. Death or separation can take you away from the people you love, and the healing process is painful. That is why you need to learn how to let go and allow time to fix you. You might find it hard to move on, but with the right support system you will accept the loss and move on.

How to Let Go of Someone You Love

Learning how to let go is not easy but possible. The following tips will help you get over someone you love and move on with your life.

1. Cutting them off completely

Cutting contact with the person you love is one step on how to move on before anything else. You have to understand and accept that the relationship is over; that means cutting them off unquestionably. You can block him or her on your phone; delete or dispose of his or her pictures and contact information, avoid going to places where he or she hangs out and lastly detach yourself from his or her social media handles. This will not help you erase memories but stop you from fruitlessly trying to reach out to them when you are at your most vulnerable.

2. Let yourself feel the grief associated with letting go

The saddest part of ending a relationship is when you think of the big vacuum called loss. Grief allows you to acknowledge the pain of losing someone you loved thus giving you healing time. You are allowed to feel the waves of emotions associated with grief as you come to terms with the loss. It is okay to deny, want to fix or change the outcome, feel the anger, and deal with the sadness; they are all part of the healing process.

3. Being honest about the relationship and the person

Ending a relationship is not the end but the beginning of a new one. Before moving on, be honest with yourself and reflect on the past relationship - who or what went wrong. Do not focus much on the other person because of the anger that is within you. Take lessons learned and don't allow past relationship patterns to ruin your new relationship. Coming to peace with your mistakes and acknowledging them is part of the healing process.

The fantasy that fills your mind about your relationship is not the reality. You might have a beautiful dream or fantasy full of expectations, but the fact is, it is nowhere near your partner's dream. See the truth from a different angle by comparing the difference between reality and fantasy.

Another step of how to move on from someone you love is to know what you want or ever wished for in a relationship. Make a list of what you want in your next relationship. With this, you can easily compare your list to how it fits in with your next relationship, and work things out before they go wrong once again.

4. Connect with your closest supporters

Grieving in isolation may feel right for your heart, but at the same time, you need a strong support system that makes letting go much easier. Your friends and the closest circle is your biggest support network - they know you better than anybody else. They do not want to see you fall into depression and self-doubt. They will help you get back on your feet and recover from your loss.

5. Be gentle with yourself

Do not try to control external forces that are beyond your power. What happened has happened. If a person decided to leave, let them leave. It is pointless to make them stay. Don't let it exhaust your energy. Concentrating on your past relationship will not only make you mentally tired but physically tired, too. You will find yourself less interested in hanging out with friends or participating in fun activities.

Take time to nurture yourself by lowering expectations as a process of how to let go of someone you love. Healing is a process; grief and pain will be felt before peace is found.

6. Practice forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy but first, start by forgiving yourself and then the other person. Take time and reflect on all that happened. That will help you understand if the problem came from your partner's side or you. You need to search your soul for true feelings of forgiveness if you want to continue with the healing process.

7. Go out there and live

Honestly, you took your time and grieved to find peace. Nevertheless, you will not be sad forever - you need to get out there and live.

Make sure you do not let grief drain the best of you; try something new, go on an adventure, pursue your dreams or meet new people. Let this experiences create new memories for you and create joy.

Take Home Message

How to move on and letting go of someone you loved is difficult but doable. It is a confusing moment in one's life for sure. You may not know what you want or how you feel; most of your days may be depressing ones if you are not careful. Take your time and try positive things such as new experiences, adventures, and friends that light up your world.



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