Best Real Sexting Conversations and Sexting Tips for You

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Sexting is a kind of sexual conversation often done by two love birds; a couple who just got together, or spouses who have been in a long-term relationship.. But it is not necessarily that sexting is done by only people in love relationships. Courting partners or friends with benefits also do it. Relationships should not be boring, and sexting and sexual jokes do spice up a relationship. 30% of girls who do sexting say it makes them feel sexy as well as raising their self-esteem. 40% of girls are noted saying they do sexting for fun. 12% of those girls who do sexting say they did it due to pressure from boyfriends. Although sexting conversations are meant to be secretive, about 17% of sexting conversations get exposed. Lastly, 61% of teenage sexting conversations are noted to contain nude images.

Real Sexting Conversations to Read

These kinds of conversations are geared towards the fulfillment of specific sexual needs. The way a sender frames a sexual sext determines whether the recipient will get wet, ready for thrilling sex or their cock will get hard. Below are examples of sexting conversations.

1. Any guy who is after oral sex

This kind of conversation is initiated by a man who wants to make his female partner get aroused through oral sex. The sexting conversation initiator starts by mentioning thing like taking their partner's bra off, their panties off, kissing their girl passionately from the mouth to the clit and lastly licking their woman clit passionately until it gets wet. For example:

Male: Hey baby?

Female: Hey there my anaconda?

Male: Things are hot here…

Female: Talk to me.

Male: Your anaconda is up. I want to lay you on that bed, take off those panties using my teeth before my tongue rests on that clit. I want to circle your clit until you ask me to stop.

2. That lady who knows what she wants

Either gender can initiate some sexting conversations. This type of talk is started mostly by ladies who are in need of their man's cock. A lady will compose a sexy chat and inform her man how she misses his hands over her tender body. These types of conversations are filled with the woman's fantasies of how her clit would get sucked and nipples too if her man was near.

His highness: I want to feel you boy.

I wanna feel your skin warmth like right now.

Your hands should be moving over my nipples.

I feel you honey…, like your right hand is tracing its way between my legs.

You feel how wet your sweet little home is,

This is too much I need that cock now...

3. An informative sex conversation

Probably, your man knows you are not sure of what to expect when you go for a sleepover. In other words, this kind of conversation is used to clarify how thing will go down. Out of this sext conversation, a lady gets to know how his man misses the organ between their legs or how his man will suck her clit.

His Queen: Hey love Am feeling you madly. This weekend I want to squeeze you like never before. That sweet thing is running me crazy.

Her king: I see what I sent you is driving you nuts!

His queen: I call it mad love I want to make your nipple hard just by a gentle suck. With my finger over your clit. And when you start asking for it.

Her King: sure, you know I will.

His queen: Trust me, you know I'm always up to the task. I will give it to you like never before.

Her Queen: Can't wait!

4. That cohesive sex conversation

This can also be termed as one of the step-by-step sexting conversations. A male or female can draft one although men do it most. It is used to elaborate how a man will go about it from the undressing part, foreplay all the way to a sizzling fuck that will make his woman reach orgasm a couple of times.

Him: It's gonna be naughty

Gently kiss you

Rub and circle your clit gently using my tongue

When wet, I want you to get on top of me and give me a hard ride

By this time I will be sucking your nipples

After you second orgasm I will get on top, eat you until you cum like thrice

5. A concern sexts

This type of sext chat is aimed at asking how a lady is dressed in bed, how she looks or the color of her underwear. Secondly, it can be aimed at assuring your partner how you feel about them at that very moment.

Hey baby

Am lying on bed at this late hour thinking about you

Hope you're wearing that red nighty with no underwear

That's how I love you to be always while I sleep next to you

Best Sexting Tips

With sexting conversation being a secret between two, there are tips to observe to avoid exposure shame. Below are the main ones.

1. Make sure you're sending it to the right person

How would it feel sending one "I loved your ride last night” message to your mom? When sending any message aimed to initiate a sex chat, be very careful. Always before pressing "send” ensure you have confirmed the recipient. It is sometimes impossible to delete a text once sent. Take caution.

2. Never show your face

One single image can do it all. If you wanted to tease him or her, sexting messages could do that well. A single image does heighten the expectation and says what you want all at once. Secondly, nude pictures can result in a shame once exposed. It is sometimes advisable not to do send them. But if you must send a picture, do not show your face. Lastly, opting to use SnapChat app allows you to set a timer on how long that picture will be visible on their phone before getting deleted.

3. Be confident

If you decide to do sexting with your partner, then do it perfectly and in the right way. But for perfection to come along, confidence is vital. Confidence reduces self-consciousness thus making the whole sexting a perfect fantasy.

4. Be realistic

How can you define real sexting conversations to read? Before going down on sexting, ensure you know what you are talking about. This avoids overpromising or over expectation which can turn out to be awkward after the real experience.

5. Don't give too much away in your sext

One main reason for a sexting conversation is to create a fantasy of expectation on how thing will be. Saying "I am on my way” or "I miss your tight little organ” will seem a usual thing. But saying "I have bought a new underwear; you will see how I look in it tonight” will keep you man fantasizing. Thought of how your curvy ass and hips will look that night will fill their minds and make them fantasize more.

Whether you are sexting with your new lover, your married partner or some girl or boy somewhere, sexting conversations can transform your relationship for the better. Well composed and thought of sexts conversations will keep your relationship lively and exciting. But note, there is a difference between sexting and texting. Sexting is geared towards sexual arousal feelings, but texting is just a normal conversation.



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