What Does Sex Feel Like? - Amazing Facts to Know

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If someone asks the question, "what does sex feel like?”, it can be very hard to answer because truth be told there is no definitive answer. It does not matter what kind of sex you are talking about, be it intercourse, oral, or something else. What sex feels like is going to differ for each person. Sex can differ from person to person, but it can also be different with the same person each time you have it.

Does Sex Feel Different for Men and Women?

What does it feel like to have sex? Keep on reading and you can learn about some of the general feelings in regards to what men and women say sex feels like.

1. What Does Sex Feel Like for Women?

Many ladies have a hard time giving an exact answer to how does sex feel. However, the excitement and anticipation before it even happens is something that many women find very exciting. Some women say that sex can feel like a roller coaster or some kind of wild ride. Others say that it can make them feel very close to the person that they are with and really helps strengthen their bond. The majority of women will tell you that when done right, sex feels great.

Some women talk about a "fullness” that they have when having sex and this is a feeling that many women love. No matter what kind of sex it is, women will tell you that with the right person, in the right setting, and do the right way, sex is a truly amazing experience. You could ask ten different women what does sex feel like? And you would most likely get ten different answers.

2. What Does Sex Feel Like for Men?

Much like women, sex for men differs from person to person. Many men will tell you that before they have sex and are first getting aroused, that there is a real excitement and thrill. This is something that many men will tell you, as the anticipation can sometimes be as exciting as the event itself. Sex will not just differ from each man, but most men will tell you that sex is very different depending on the person that they are with.

Sex feels good for men, but with the right companion and in the right setting it can be something that they remember forever. Like women there is not an exact answer for what sex feels like for a man and if you were to ask a group of men to give you a one-sentence answer you would have a lot of different answers.

How You Can Have Better Sex

While we know that there is not one definitive answer for what does it feel like to have sex. You can actually learn some new tricks that can make sex more fun, exciting, and even better!

1. Learn New Tricks

No matter how many times you have had sex, you can always pick up something new to make things more fun. If you have been with the same partner for a long time do not be scared to look at books or articles online that can help you learn fun and new tricks you can do in the bedroom which will help spice things up.

2. Know What You Like

It is great that you want to know how does sex feel for your partner so you can make it as pleasurable for them as possible. Sex should be just as much fun for you so make sure that your partner knows what kind of things you like as well.

3. Relax

It is one thing to be excited and really enthusiastic about sex, this can actually lead to great sex! However, you need to relax, calm down, and do not put too much pressure on yourself. Sex should be fun for both you and your partner. If sex is stressing you out then you are probably not doing it right. Take things down a notch, relax, and move a little slower so that you can discover what feels good for you and them.

4. Change Positions

If you have been with the same partner for a long time the sex may be great, but it can be so easy to fall into the rut of having the same sex over and over again. Learning new little tips and tricks in the bedroom is great. Leaning new and exciting sex positions can really make your sex life hot! Do not be scared to consult a book or an article for new sex positions. You may even find one that you like better than your current favorite position. Also if there is a sex position that your partner is excited to try and it is safe, you can always give it a try and if you like it, great! If you do not you can tell them and then you can find a new and fun one that you both enjoy.

4. Communication Can Lead to Great Sex!

This is not about talking dirty in the bedroom, although that can really spice things up. Be open and honest when talking to your partner about sex. Let them know what you like, what you do not like and what you would love to try. Your partner is never going to do that thing you love if you do not tell them you love it. Talking about sex with your partner can make it even better and that is a fact!

So there is no correct answer for what does sex feel like. You know good sex when you are having it. As long as both people are having fun and willing to try new things, chances are the sex you are having is going to feel great.



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