Best Tips on Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

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A relationship is something serious but adding some naughty and dirty talk does spice it up more. By learning some of the dirty things to say to your boyfriend, you will get to win in two things: keeping him turned on,and always thinking about you. Men tend to be better at talking dirty. Some women are good at sexy talk, but others shy off and are afraid of sounding foolish when they try whispering something dirty or sexy to their boyfriend. This article will guide you on steps to trigger a dirty talk and examples of dirty talks. This will help keep your man glued to you, think of you always and avoid boredom in a relationship.

How to Say Dirty Things to Your Boyfriend

The idea of turning your man on, driving him crazy and making him want you always has never been easy. But the following guide on talking dirty will ultimately answer your queries and teach you on how to go about a sexy talk.

1. A guide to text dirty things to your boyfriend

  • Tell him that he is sexy

If you do not know of any dirty things to say to your boyfriend, start by texting him what turns you on when you see him. For example, talk about his lips, sexy eyes, chest, face or biceps and how they make you wet. Texting can go like "there is this hot guy with nice chest have been crushing on… can I tell you who he is? I am texting him now!

  • Text him what you want him to do to you

Is it a Friday afternoon and you do not want him to get home late? You can turn your man as you wish. Compose a text for example "I just want to let you know I'm not wearing any underwear or a bra, am here wishing you were around and getting naked with me.”

  • Tell him what you want to do to him

You can have your man thinking about you all day by telling him what you want to do to him. Text him you are sucking a pin pop and wishing it was his cock. Fantasies will carry him all day. Who knows? He might even get home early than usual. Men love it, but they will never show until you start it and see how they respond.

  • Ask him a naughty question

One trick to saying dirty things to say to your boyfriend is asking him a naughty question. You can pose a question like "I am wet right now, will you come and fuck me or you will watch all day?”

2. Tips for saying dirty things to your boyfriend

  • Start slowing

If you are that shy girl, who is not comfortable about saying some sexy naughty or dirty thing to her man, starting slow will help you out. This is where you get two to three phrases and whisper them in his ears. One good thing about this is you will be able to build your courage and see how he responds to them.

  • Adapt and adjust

There are several dirty things to say to your boyfriend. But the point about this is you should try and realize your level. Something you are comfortable with and turns your guy on is what to go by. If you are not kinky enough; adapt to the phrases you and your man are good with. As time goes by you can adjust them more as you get kinkier and more courageous.

  • Be natural

Do not force being naughty. Just incorporate the sexy phrases into your normal tone. Imitating or trying something new might get you nervous and shaky which can alter the whole naughty phrase presentation and meaning.

  • Make eye and body contact

There is nothing sexier than saying something naughty while maintaining eye contact. Eye contact emphasizes seriousness, and that you mean what you are saying.

Examples of Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Below is a list of freaky things to say to your boyfriend.

  • I love seeing you wearing that tight pair of jeans.
  • I feel loved when you are on top of me
  • Let's meet at lunchtime… am very horny and need a grope on your car
  • Am not wearing any underwear now… just waiting for you
  • Would you mind checking the color of my panties for me, please?
  • Last night I had one of my perfect nights, guess why? I dreamt that your cock was in me all night.
  • Am missing my third leg, would you mind inserting it where it belongs?
  • You remember that night we danced naked? I want more of such.
  • Can we have sex under the moonlight this weekend?
  • Am treating you for dinner tonight; at a hotel of your choice! But, you will pay me back with one of the naughtiest sex tonight… right?
  • Am missing riding you… what time will you get home? I feel like sitting on that dick like right now.
  • Which is the dirtiest thought you've ever had about me?
  • Finish your dinner; a dessert is waiting for you.
  • Will you eat before you eat or you will eat before you eat?
  • It your birthday tonight, what gift do you want from me?
  • Good morning! Today is my braless day; I thought you needed to know.

This should not miss among your dirty things to text your boyfriend. Thoughts and fantasies about you will fill his mind whole day.

Keeping your love story and journey on point does not have to demand much. Having the art to phrase some naughty, sexy and dirty sayings can help you a great deal. Just know when, how and where to say them. Your boyfriend will always be looking forward to that evening, weekend or that sleepover night to have all of you. Do not get lost on this, Keep your man on the check through dirty sayings.



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