9 Best Games to Play With Friends

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Games are part and parcel of human life. Gaming is not only done by kids but people of all ages. Playing remains a human activity - the only thing that changes with age is the game types. With phubbing (ignoring real life family and friends in order to spend more time on your phone or electronic device) being the new threat to human socialization, gaming with friends can be a perfect way to bring back or initiate human socialization and talking. Whether you have some friends coming over to your place or planning to go hiking, games can make your time lively and enjoyable. That is why you need to know about games to play with friends. Games do ignite friendship "madness”, sharing and bonding.

Top Games to Play With Friends

Being around friends but with no ideas or stories to keep the chat lively can be boring. To avoid such instances, get to know different games to play with friends. Below are some of the most enjoyable games.

1. Dare bare

Does the name dare bare trigger any feeling in you? Probably yes. The truth or dare game has been there for long and remains one of the best games. Among all the games to play with friends, truth and dare can be termed as the liveliest of all. Since you know each other well in your friends' circle, asking naughty truth or dare questions is delightful. You can ask any question or tell your friends to do anything. The fun is you will enjoy seeing them struggle to do or answer those questions or do something respectively. But note, the questions should not go overboard.

2. Dumbfounded

Playing the famous dumbfounded game with friends can make your lazy afternoon or night lively. The game idea rests on its very name. Groups get formed, and at each player's turn, they are picked to sing a song or imitate a particular movie character. No talking is allowed; gestures and facial expressions are what rules the game. Remember, players from the opposite team are the ones who pick the player to act. It is enjoyable seeing your friend try to impersonate some funny character or do some ridiculous thing.

3. Ramble with marble

Ramble with marble is among the funniest outdoor games to play with friends. All you need is an open space to draw or demarcate the playing ring. Choose a starting place or line and let the players start the marble shooting all at once. The game objective is that each player will try to shoot a marble towards the other person's marbles as they try to push them out of the ring. The fun comes when every player struggles to be the last person standing after kicking all the other players out of the ring.

4. Likes & dislikes

Likes & dislikes game can make a party gathering extra lively. The idea is every person writes what they like and dislike. After everyone is done with the writing, folded sheets are collect and read one after another. The fun part is when friends try to figure out who wrote a particular paper. The good thing about likes & dislikes game is it does help friends come to know each other better.

5. Camera hot photo

Did you know your phone camera features among fun games to play with friends? This play starts by selecting one phone for the game, opening its camera, and setting a camera self-timer. What happens is each person is to hold the camera at their arm's length as if they are taking a selfie. Then, the camera is to be passed along to every player until the camera goes off and a picture is taken. The fun about this is that you will get to see funny photos of your friends.

6. Freeze tag

This play begins by choosing one person to be "it” - the player who will be able to "freeze” other participants. The game begins by players running away from "it.” If "it” manages to tag (touch) any player; that tagged player "freezes” (stands without moving). But if a player who is not frozen touches a frozen player, he or she gets unfrozen. This game ends when the "it” manages to freeze all the players and emerges as the winner.

7. Make Paper Airplanes

The game starts with the provision of crayons and paper sheets. All players are then tasked to look online for the best ways to make paper planes. The fun part begins when all the players compete in flying those paper made planes. The player whose plane flies straightest, fastest and highest emerges the winner.

8. Holiday sticker stalker

There is nothing that can seem worse than being at a boring party. But if you what to keep everyone engaged and lively, holiday sticker stalker is among the good games to play with friends. The game starts where everyone at the party is given ten holiday stickers. The play is to try and stick the stickers on friends around the party without them noticing. If anyone sees you trying to stick a sticker on them, you are fined by getting a sticker from them. The one who gets rid of his or her stickers first emerges as the winner.

9. Scene it

Do you have friends who are pop culture or film (movies and series) lovers? This game fits them best. The play goes where people ask trivial questions based on films, movies, and magazines. The person who answers the most questions becomes the person of the day.

Games are perfect ways to have quality and enjoyable time with friends. Anytime you are with friends and have some free time, do not let boredom eat you up. With the above indoor and outdoor games you can make your time enjoyable and exciting.



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