Major Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

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Among all the innovation of man in the 20th and 21st century, the internet is among the top listed. In today's world, most of the things that people do are made more accessible through the internet technology. The internet is a form of network connectivity through which computers all over the world can connect. Advantages of internet range from information and learning, connectivity, and address and mapping. One can send and receive information from anywhere around the globe through the internet. The internet makes the world a global village, but that does not mean there are no flaws attached to this internet technology.

Advantages of Internet

Below are the main benefits of the internet.

1. Communication

Communication tops the list of importance or advantages of the internet. Information is fast, at a reasonable cost and conveniently accessible through the internet. It takes a few seconds after pressing the send button for information to be received on the other side of the globe. You can send emails to friends, employers or employees instantly. You can call, use video call, send messages or even chat with friends, business partners or lovers with the help of various chat or VOIP options which are supported by social media platform.

2. Information

The internet has and is always full of information regarding different aspects of life. The internet has an endless supply of any information. It is a forum where you can ask a question, get an answer to your pressing question, or even get a human being commenting on how to solve your concern. There are search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google and many more where you can ask any question virtually, and you will get a book, e-book or an article containing the answers you need. Additionally, videos containing your required information are available, especially on YouTube.

3. Learning

E-learning is among the most notable advantages of internet. It is possible today to enroll in a course from a distance institution, and you can receive your lectures through your laptop at home. Students can get lecture teachings, notes, explanations or even revision questions online. It is possible for a student to get a project or assignment of the internet through a school website, carry out his or her research online through the help of different search engines, submit the project or assignment through the internet on their student portal, and later get results through the same student portal; all courtesy of the internet.

4. Entertainment

You will never get bored as long as you have internet connectivity. Through your cell phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop you can get access to thousands of TV shows, videos, movies, and games all geared to offer you entertainment. You can watch online any entertainment program of your choice or download them to watch later; the same applies to games.

5. E-commerce

The current E-commerce platform reaps many advantages of internet. The internet has given the world E-commerce a global platform or base. Most companies have websites where they provide any information a customer would need to know about them. On these websites you can get product reviews of their old and new products, how they do business with their customers, 24/7 online customer service to answer client queries, and lastly network with distributors, brokers, employees, and customers.

6. Data storage

The development of cloud storage technology does help with data storage online. This is a technology where you can store your documents, pictures, business files or even backup information. All your devices get connected to a cloud run by a supercomputer. You will be able to retrieve your data anywhere you like after entering your passcodes for identity purpose.

Disadvantages of Internet

Have you ever thought there are advantages and disadvantages of the internet? Below are several notable disadvantages of the internet.

1. Addiction

With all the games, entertaining videos, and the rampant social media, the internet can be very addictive. In real terms, most of the internet's entertaining, social media platforms and games are designed to get you addicted to them. That's how their programmers benefit. But that addiction can reduce your productivity or waste a lot of time. You can get distracted from your working process by social media and games easily.

2. Web crime

Remember, the internet connects billions of computers across the globe. This makes it possible for hackers or other ill-motivated malicious internet users to send viruses or get access to your data, files, or personal details if your computer is not protected. A virus can be sent by a hacker to steal your data, and destroy or alter your computer files and programs. Hackers do so to compel you in buying antivirus they make or to hurt you economically.

3. Privacy

Many of the internet platforms like social media accounts, emails or even cloud storage platforms can sometimes get compromised. You should be careful to avoid opening anonymous emails or downloading applications or anything from untrusted sites. These malicious acts are used to steal your detail like passwords or credit card information. Lastly, phone signal hacking or interception can happen, thus compromising your privacy.

4. Social isolation

Although connectivity is one advantage of the internet, too much dependence on social media can lead you into social isolation. It is possible to get youths who are severely affected by phubbing - ignoring friends and family so that they can spend more time on their phones. This can make someone less engaged in face-to-face communication with family, friends or a partner. You can become socially isolated in the real-time world if you are too much attached to chatting or video calling.

5. Health issues

By being glued too much to a laptop, smartphone ,or tablet screens can hurt your eyes. Additionally, the repetitive movement while one is surfing, like moving your hand around the keyboard, the mouse and the touchpad, can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Wi-Fi, a form of the internet, can also cause fertility issues for those who place laptops on their laps.

The internet is a big, useful and helpful innovation. If used in the right way and you are cautious enough, you are guaranteed to reap the best out of it. If you are not cautious, it can result in social and economic mayhem. It all depends on how protected and careful your internet usage is, and lastly the way you use it.



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