Why Are You Bored All The Time?

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"Boredom is the lack of interest in life and ongoing activities in a certain phase."

Why am I always bored? I am sure it's a common question, and all of us do experience boredom at some point in life. As per the boredom stats of Psychology Today, 30-90% of Americans suffer from boredom everyday. It was also revealed in the research that young people are easily subjected to boredom, and 91-98% of them experience a phase of boredom everyday.

Most people admit that being bored is worse than other negative feelings. A person going through a boring time defines boredom as being fatigued, numb, confused, and nervous.

Reasons For Boredom Despite Busy Life

You must have faced a situation where you lost interest in an event and simply tell yourself "I get bored easily." Today we will find out why boredom takes over a person so easily.

1. Less Excitement — More Monotony

Can you watch the same episode of your favorite show every day? Of course, you can't because repeating a single episode every day would bring nothing exciting in your life. Humans always seek excitement, and they have a huge tendency to fall into boredom due to their intelligent cognitive thought processes.

It's not surprising that some of the bored folks are the ones providing us crazy new inventions. For instance, LED slippers to wear in the dark, pizza scissors, and football chairs were all invented by bored people to pass time.

2. Autonomy Issues

There was a funny meme on Facebook about how students sleep more peacefully in boring lectures than on their beds. Why does that happen with students? It's quite common for the human brain to lose interest when a person dedicates his or her time for an authoritative person. Young people fall prey to long phases of boredom because they are not allowed to participate in most activities freely. Time spent with a bossy parent or a teacher easily turns out to be boring due to a lack of autonomy.

3. The Difference in Approach to Boredom

Your boredom can be someone else's fun because boredom has a different meaning for every person. For instance, you are less likely to find introverts at loud parties and crowded shopping malls. It doesn't mean that introverts are bored souls who do not seek fun and enjoyment. Instead, they enjoy "Me Time" more than "We Time." Your boredom scale can be the opposite of that of the people around you, and that's okay.

4. Too Smart for Being Engaged in Regular Activities

According to UCLA studies, intelligent people have a faster response rate to external and internal stimuli. The nervous system processing speed of a smart person activates the cognitive center of the brain much more quickly than other people. That's the reason why you do not see the smartest people committed to the same job or activity for a long time. To keep boredom at bay, smart people continuously make an effort to find new and exciting activities, and failing to do so can make them bored.

5. Confused About Your Goals

Many factors can make you lose interest in your life. Lack of suitable goals is one of them. Goals are the driving force that keeps a person working towards success. When goals are missing — people lose interest in the ongoing activities. Have you observed the birds flying in the endless sky to find food? They do not rest until they find food and water for themselves. The search for food is their goal that keeps the birds motivated and far from boredom.

Strategy to Avoid Boredom

Boredom can be persistent for some people, and they find it impossible to get away from this state. "Why am I always bored?" is a repetitive question, and people try to find an answer to their boredom. However, some simple strategies can help you get rid of boredom.

Not being bored is better than finding a way to get out of boredom. As discussed above, persistent boredom could have many causes. But you can find creative ways to not get bored by avoiding those causes.

1. Change monotonous life

Investing your time into your favorite activities can be an excellent boredom buster. Make a list of your hobbies and add them to your daily plan. Following your schedule can help prevent idleness, thus minimizing the chances of boredom.

2. Be optimistic

Autonomy issues can be hard to address for many people. Only optimism can help you in the struggles of not having enough control of your life. Younger people can tell themselves that the time they are spending in studying or in a hard job is going to add value in their life.

3. Define what bores you

You can ditch the bouts of boredom by making a list of boring activities and simply avoid them. However, for unavoidable activities, you look at them creatively. For instance, you can add new recipes to your menu to avoid making boring food over and over again.

4. Challenge yourself

Most smart people tend to get bored because they find it impossible to keep themselves engaged in repetitive activities. However, it is a lot more exciting to utilize these recurring activities for innovation. In short, remember the guy who invented scissors for slicing pizza out of boredom.

5. What I want to achieve

It's a misconception that only corporate guys need to set goals for their success. Define your goals to kick boredom out of your life. Student, employee, housewife, whatever you are — goals are the best way to align events in your life. Take a notebook and write down the things which you want to achieve in your life. On the next page, write down your ways to fulfill these achievements and voila! You have enough activities to avoid boredom.

You can use these tips to avoid boredom, but what if you are already in a state of boredom? Don't worry; you can also get rid of boredom by thinking out of the box. Trying out new activities and meeting new people excites the brain, and would thus kill boredom.

Tip of the Day

Boredom is not a monster that will eat you up. It is only a less happy state of mind. To wake up your mind from the dull state, you can add a little spice in your life. Maybe you can try the things you have never tried, or you can keep doing the things you have always loved to do. Even finding an answer to "Why do I get bored so easily" can be an exciting activity.



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